Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon & Recommendations for May 13

Season 17 is now a week and a half away and Bungie continues to pull back the curtain on what Lot 2 fans can expect. This week Bungie outlined the various changes coming to Lord Saladin’s Iron Banner and the fact that it only comes twice a season now. However, Bungie is expanding the reputation system, giving players more ways to earn rank through daily challenges and wearing Iron Banner armor, while also earning more loot.

For those concerned about the lack of Crucible updates in recent years, Bungie also had some good news. Not only is Destiny 2 getting a new map for the first time in a long time, the original Destiny game mode Rift is also coming. The newest Lot 2 Crucible map is known as Disjunction and takes place in Savathun’s Throne World. Dubbed one of the biggest maps Bungie has made, it will be added to the 3v3, 6v6 and will be free for all rotations.


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For now the weekend merchant Xur who is back Lot 2 with a refreshed inventory of exotic and legendary gear. Follow this guide for his most current weekend location, news of his exotic number quest, and a review of all the exotic and legendary gear he brought for the weekend of May 13, 2022.

Where is Xur?

This weekend, players can find Xur in the European Dead Zone in the Winding Cove zone.

Quickly travel to the Winding Cove zone and immediately head to the back where the Fallen typically patrol. Climb the cliffs here and find Xur on a ledge not far from a crashed ship.

Class armor and exotic figure

The role of Xur continues to provide the usual weekly quests, exotics, and legendary gear. Not only are these quests required to purchase a second ill-fated engram, but they are also required to acquire ancient exotic gear from the Tower kiosk. Players can earn a new figure by completing strikes and winning crucible or gambit matches. Earn bonus points by playing with clanmates or completing more challenging activities.

Xur continues to sell even more gear beyond its usual content. In addition to his normal exotic gear, Xur now has Legendary weapons and armor for sale in exchange for Legendary shards and glitter.

Exotic armor

Nezarec’s Sin – Warlock Helmet

After a week off, the Voidwalker-specific helmet Nezarec’s Sin is available again from the exotic merchant. The intrinsic perk is known as Abyssal Extractors, a void-specific ability that should make Voidwalker Warlocks very happy. Essentially, any void damage killed increases the energy recharge rate. It remains a solid pickup for Warlocks.

For those curious, this item goes well with not only Voidwalkers but also many strong void-focused weapons currently in play, especially now that the Void subclass has been reworked with the 3.0 update. Unfortunately, the roll isn’t nearly as good as it was in April, so it’s hard to recommend getting in just 60 in total.

Emptiness improved. Statistical values:

  • Mobility +10
  • Resilience +3
  • Restore +19
  • Discipline +20
  • Intellect +6
  • Force +2

Graviton Forfeit – Hunter Helmet

While this gear was last on sale last fall, now may be the time to investigate Graviton Forfeit, as the exotic helmet got a much-needed rework at the start of Season 15. When equipped, the exotic perk grants Vanishing Shadow a longer bonus duration of invisibility effects and increases the melee reload speed, recovery, and reload time of weapons while invisible. The melee charging speed increases based on the number of enemies nearby.

With the upcoming overhaul of Void subclasses, this helmet might be worth picking up to see how well it interacts with the Nightstalker Hunter abilities. With a total stat roll of 63, the roll is solid this week.

Emptiness improved. Statistical values:

  • Mobility +7
  • Resilience +13
  • Restore +10
  • Discipline +20
  • Intellect +2
  • Force +11

Synthoceps – Titan Gloves

The Synthoceps feature Biotic Enhancements, the item’s intrinsic perk, which not only improves melee range but also deals damage when the player is surrounded by enemies. Like the Hunter’s exotic gloves, Liar’s Handshake, this item can make Titan players very powerful.

While it may not be the best exotic Titan, it’s undoubtedly a fun one to play with, especially in this current season. Like Warlock’s exotic Felwinter’s Helm, many of the seasonal mods and Warmind Cells can result in room-clearing damage when combined with this gear. Ultimately, it’s not a required purchase by any means, although it may be worth it for those who want to mess around and have a little fun.

Improved on solar energy. Statistical values:

  • Mobility +13
  • Resilience +17
  • Restore +3
  • Discipline +2
  • Intellect +18
  • Force +10

Exotic Weapon

Originally introduced in the Forsaken expansion, the Cerberus+1 is an automatic rifle that looks more like a shotgun. The reason for this is because of its intrinsic advantage called Four-Headed Dog which causes the gun to shoot erratic bullets from all four gun barrels when fired. However, the players get a bit more control over where these shots go thanks to the exotic feature, Spread Shot Package. Aiming the weapon reduces the projectile’s spread.

For most players, the Cerberus is a fun weapon to play with, although it acts more like a fully automatic shotgun that uses primary ammunition. As expected, this weapon isn’t accurate at range, but is more than capable of shredding enemies that get too close. In the game’s current meta, this isn’t a required weapon to own, but it’s fun to mess around with, especially when clearing large groups of enemies.

Additional benefits:

  • Rifled Barrel
  • Fluted barrel
  • Full Bore

Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale Rolls

Since Season 16 removed the exotic missions Presage and Harbinger, Xur also sells both Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale with randomized roles. Players should visit him every weekend as he carries various roles with him.

Hawkmoon sandwiches:

  • Fluted barrel
  • Alloy Magazine
  • Killing Wind
  • smooth grip

The Story of the Dead Man

  • little boredom
  • Steady rounds
  • Moving target
  • Composite stock

Here’s the full rundown of Xur’s exotic stock in Lot 2 before 13 May 2022:

  • Nezarec’s Sin (Warlock Helmet) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Graviton Forfeit (Hunter’s Helmet) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Synthoceps (Titan Glove) – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Cerberus+1 (car gun) – 29 Legendary Shards
  • Hawkmoon (Hand Cannon) – 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, 1 Exotic Numeral, 1 Ascendant Shard
  • Dead Man’s Tale (Scout Rifle) – 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, 1 Exotic Figure, 1 Ascending Shard
  • Exotic Engram – 97 Legendary Shards/1 Exotic Numeral
  • A question – exotic number quest

Legendary Gear

As mentioned, Xur now sells Legendary Armor and Weapons. All gear costs 50 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glimmer.

  • Bite of the Fox (Kinetic Sniper Rifle)
  • Farewell (Kinetic Side Arm)
  • The Last Dance (Energy Sidearm)
  • Sojourner’s Tale (Energy Shotgun)
  • Grid Skipper (Energy Pulse Rifle)
  • Sorrow’s Verse (Energy Auto Rifle)
  • Shattered Cypher (Heavy Machine Gun)
  • Kairos Function Armor Set

Lot 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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