Whistleblowers Reveal Britain’s Deep State Recognizes Over 100 Genders

Omnigender, pangender, two spirit and greygender are among the growing list of more than 100 genders recognized by Britain’s permanent bureaucracy, civil service whistleblowers have revealed.

The British deep state, made up of fictitiously impartial officials who largely remain in place regardless of who holds political office, has reportedly adopted a host of leftist principles surrounding previously fringe theories of gender and sexuality, telling bureaucrats that they should refrain from using gender-related terms such as mother, father, ladies, gentlemen, and even “his”, and to inform colleagues about the “preferred pronouns” to prevent colleagues from “misleading” each other.

Official Human Resources guidelines state that Whitehall staff should use the pronouns “ze/zir” for those who do not identify as male or female, but also noted that officials “have the right to … flexible [gender] expression that differs from day to day”, The Telegraph reported.

Whistleblowers within Whitehall told the British newspaper that although it has not been disclosed to the public – who is funding their salaries – the civil service has recognized more than 100 genders in official documents, including: “omnigender, pangender, two spirit, gender outlaw, demigender, gendervoid and old man.”

“My colleagues and I were informed by HR that there are over 100 recognized gender identities in the Civil Service, as staff can self-identify their gender without medical input and regardless of biological sex,” a source told the paper.

“This came as a surprise to me, because I had always thought there were only two biological sexes.”

The report claimed that genders are recorded in employee files and that those who deliberately “misgenerate” a colleague will face disciplinary action.

The Civil Service has also reportedly set up an internal network for transgender and intersex workers called “a:gender,” which, according to an internal document, is open to those who identify themselves as transgender, transsexual, non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer, gender variant, cross-dressing, genderless, third sex or bigender and intersex. †

The Telegraph noted that the document emphasizes that the list is not “exhaustive.”

A senior Department for International Trade employee claimed to have been told he should spend 20 percent of his “corporate target” time working within “corporate identity networks” to build a more “inclusive civil service”.

Examples of such activities were attending a “gender non-conforming book club” and celebrating “Non-Binary Awareness Week”.

“I was hired to conduct trade policy and yet the taxpayer pays me to waste 20 percent of my business time on this nonsense,” the official said.

The UK deep state has also held internal events for “A Trans Day of Remembrance” and a “Bi-visibility day” to raise awareness for “bisexual and biromantic erasing”.

The Civil Service also celebrated “World Afro Day” in which employees were told about the “hair bias against Afro hair”.

Following the murder of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa in London last year, the Home Office reportedly held “listening circles” in which staff members were separated by those who identify as male, identify as female and identify as “female.” of color”. †

“It is absurd to claim that people can identify themselves as their opposite sex, let alone a different race. However, this language is now commonplace in civil servant news talk,” it is claimed.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Suella Braverman, unlike the adults who work in Whitehall, has argued that public schools should not yield to students and address them by their chosen pronouns, saying that it seemed to her that schools were actively engaged in attempts at gender dysphoria in children.

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