What ‘Open-Zone’ Means to Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Limits has intrigued fans despite little news about it at the moment. All players have two cryptic trailers, the title and a release window. However, the newest Sonic Limits Game Awards trailer made the following clear sonic game plans to mimic an open world. The key word is ‘follow’ as press releases have used another term that is just as interesting. The game will not be an open world, but an “open zone”.


Other than a few minor details like who writes and composes for the game, fans don’t have much to do when it comes to Sonic Limits† With the promising Game Awards trailer, along with constant publicity about borders because it is the first “open-zone” title, many are waiting for gameplay to know more. There is a good chance sonic fans already have an idea what this phrase means.

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Creating Sonic’s Zones in ‘Open-Zones’

The term “open zone” may seem like something new and can be confusing at first. However, Sonic fans are already well acquainted with zones, because the Sonic the hedgehog franchise has used “zone” at the end of many level names. The last prominent use of the term goes back to: Sonic lost worldbecause every world had a “zone” at the end like classic levels like Green Hill Zone.

From there, the concept becomes clearer. This means that fans can look forward to zones that are more or less open spaces. Instead of linear levels, it looks like the “open zones” will be large-scale and allow players to run freely wherever they want. Not only have games like Super Mario Odyssey and Pokemon Legends: Arceus did this well, but Sonic Adventure serves as a proof of concept for the blue blur. Adventure was known for having hub worlds with a lot of space and secrets, and levels like Emerald Coast and Twinkle Park had large spaces as an important part of their level design.

What Open Zones Can Bring to Sonic Frontiers

Some fans may be concerned about these ideas due to the nature of: sonic games focused on speed. It is possible that open spaces will cause players to run out of space, possibly slide off ledges and fall into bottomless pits. However, with a level design that takes into account Sonic’s speed and careful choices of the right game mechanics to take that level design to the next level, this could be a success.

Super Mario Odyssey makes players feel like they are exploring wide open spaces, but each level is smaller than it makes the player believe. Nintendo designed the levels to work with Mario’s movements, filling them to the brim with tons of things for players to find and do. Sonic Limits could easily take notes of exploratory levels like New Donk City to make the Starfall Islands fun and satisfying.

With these aspects in mind, the idea of ​​an open zone sonic game sounds interesting, but players will have to wait until the gameplay really knows what Sonic Limits has in store. Fortunately, there’s a chance fans won’t have long to wait, as Summer Game Fest has teased that a gameplay reveal won’t be far away. Even if the event doesn’t show any gameplay, Sega has stated that: Sonic Limits news is coming.

The concept of an open zone game is not the only thing that is interesting borders, because the way Sega handles the game is also curious. The company has publicly revealed that it is doing everything it can to ensure its next title pleases fans and critics alike. It has set internal targets for: Sonic Limits to judge well along with holding back the game to ensure the quality. Players must see for themselves whether borders fulfill these lofty goals when the game comes out this holiday season.

Sonic Limits is set to release Holiday 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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