Video shows all the improvements to Valve’s Steam Deck since launch

Valve has shown a willingness to improve its already acclaimed Steam Deck, and a new video shows what has changed since February 25th.

Close-up image of a Steam Deck with the on-screen keyboard.

The steam deck has been out for a little over a month now, and since its launch, the developer has been eager to get feedback from the community so it can continue to improve its potentially time-defining handheld device. With Valve saying that more than 2,000 games have now been verified for the portable PC, the journey has really only begun as gamers gain traction and the company uses comments to make improvements. With that, a short video has appeared that briefly discusses all the things that have changed with the Steam Deck in recent weeks.


On the Steam Deck website, the clip, lasting just under three and a half minutes, shows what has been done to the device since it was released on February 25. Since it’s still a new piece of kit, it’s understandable that there will be teething problems. But in such a short space of time, it seems clear that Valve has done a lot to ensure that the deck continues to have an impact on the mobile game world.

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Along with the Steam Deck which adds drivers for compatibility with Windows 10, one of the improvements to the device is through the on-screen keyboard. The video mentions a “dual trackpad” that allows you to type more naturally. There are also more options when it comes to categorizing games in a user’s library, with the clip showing a list of titles labeled as ‘single player’. Plus, there are plenty of extra features that make scrolling through games easier. Since this is a gaming device, it makes sense that the company would want to focus on this.

One of the other ways Valve has changed things up is by implementing ways that allow users to improve the battery life of the Steam Deck. One of the methods that can be used is to limit a game’s framerate, with the option to drop it all the way down to 15 fps. This seems low, but the video goes on to say that this could be ideal for those who play visual novels or puzzle games.

Despite Valve’s history of failed hardware projects, it’s clear that the steam deck is something the developer wants to see thrive. It’s already garnered a lot of praise from gamers and reviewers alike, and while there are notable issues to address, it seems Gabe Newell and the company are on the case, especially considering how much has already been improved on the device.

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