Trump Was ‘Stunned’ By Brad Raffensperger’s GOP Primary Win: Report

  • Trump was “stunned” by the primary victory of Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, according to the AJC.
  • Raffensperger won the primary with 52 percent of the vote, well ahead of Jody Hice’s 33 percent.
  • Trump has been criticizing the way Raffensperger has handled the 2020 election results for nearly two years.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, former President Donald Trump was “stunned” by Brad Raffensperger’s victory in Georgia’s Republican primary over his hand-picked candidate, conservative Rep. Jody Hice.

Raffensperger, who rejected Trump’s repeated pleas to “find” additional votes to invalidate President Joe Biden’s November 2020 state victory, won Tuesday’s GOP scoop with 52 percent of the vote, compared to 33 percent. for hice.

The incumbent Secretary of State carried most of Georgia’s counties in the primary, but fell short only in the collection of counties that make up the nationwide 10th House district, which Hice represents in Congress.

Two high-ranking Republicans with ties to Trump told the paper the former president expected Raffensperger to be defeated by Hice, who is deploying his campaign the way the incumbent president is handling the 2020 presidential election.

But Raffensperger avoided a runoff election by crossing the 50 percent win threshold in the GOP contest, which allowed him to immediately begin his fall contest campaign. The two Democratic candidates vying for their party’s nominee — State Representative Bee Nguyen and former State Representative Dee Dawkins-Haigler — will advance to a runoff on June 21.

Such a decisive Republican victory would have been unimaginable to many observers even a few weeks ago when Trump’s carefully chosen Ohio GOP primary nominee — attorney and “Hillbilly Elegy” author JD Vance — took a win in a multi-candidate field. .

As Trump flexed his muscles at games across the country, the former president reveled in his ability to exert unparalleled influence over the party.

He hammered Raffensperger and Republican government leader Brian Kemp for nearly two years on Georgia’s 2020 presidential election, arguing that the two office holders were not doing enough to help him carry the state, while also falsely claiming that fraud had contributed to his defeat.

In the months between the November 2020 general election and Biden’s inauguration, Trump persuaded both Kemp and Raffensperger to undo the election results, and called for a special legislative session to install pro-Trump voters who want Biden’s victory over would ignore the entire state.

However, officials in Georgia found no evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities after conducting several vote counts in 2020.

And as Raffensperger’s victory and Kemp’s landslide gubernatorial primary victory over Trump-backed former Senator David Perdue demonstrate, the former president’s influence still has its limits.

While Trump has continued to propagate his election claims, several prominent voices within the GOP — most notably Trump’s former confidante and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie — have urged the party to watch the 2022 midterm elections and the upcoming presidential contest. 2024.

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