Trump says Elon Musk won’t buy Twitter because of spam and fake accounts

The owner of Twitter’s biggest “conservative” social media competitor weighs in on Friday’s big announcement from Elon Musk.

Trump Doesn’t Think Elon Musk Will Buy Twitter Now
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Former President Donald Trump posted a statement on his alternative social platform, Truth Social, regarding Tesla CEO’s tweet that he posted his planned Twitter acquisition”on hold.

“There’s no way Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter for such a ridiculous price, especially since he realizes it’s a company based largely on BOTS of spam accounts,” Trump wrote. “Fake someone?”

On Friday morning, Musk shared an article on Twitter’s quarterly returns, specifically one that focused on Twitter’s estimate that less than 5 percent of Twitter users were actually spam bots and fake accounts. Along with the link, Musk stated that he was pausing the buyout “pending details” backing this data.

Musk had previously stated that he was aware of Twitter’s spam problems and one of his planned goals after the Twitter takeover was to try and fix the problem. Trump also addressed the spam issue in his comments.

‘If you’ve lost them, what’s left for you? Not much?’ said the former president.

“If it weren’t for the ridiculous billion-dollar split fee, Elon would have been gone long ago,” Trump continued, referring to a provision in Twitter’s contract with Musk that obliges the billionaire to pay $1 billion if he withdraws from the deal.

Trump’s Truth Social launched in February and was plagued early on with issues with: strongly decreasing trafficlong waiting lists to join, and low involvement† The former president himself didn’t even start posting regularly to the site until this month

Musk recently said that one of the users would to recover on Twitter would be Trump himself. However, Trump previously claimed that he would not participate again, even if his account were reactivated. The former president says he is exclusively Using Truth Social. Around that time, Truth Social downloads peaked, possibly showing that Trump is indeed a draw for conservative social media users.

And Trump’s post makes a lot more sense when you consider that context. Popular conservative Twitter users reported seeing a large influx of new followers on the April news that Musk was going to buy Twitter. Musk’s claims to bring back banned accounts and relax Twitter’s content moderation policy proved very appealing to right-wing users looking for an alternative platform to the social media service. If Musk’s deal does indeed go through and conservatives choose to rejoin Twitter as their social platform of choice, it could pose new problems for Trump’s fledgling social network.

Trump should walk a fine line between sparring with his competition and not insulting conservative users who have recently started to glorify Musk. For Trump, Musk back off would probably be the best scenario.


Elon Musk puts Twitter deal ‘on hold’ over fake account report

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