Trump Complains Civil Rights Violated As New York AG Files Motion of Contempt

After New York Attorney General Letitia James called on the state Supreme Court to contemplate Donald Trump for failing to comply with subpoenas as part of her investigation into his business dealings, the former president claims that such investigations constitute an “absolute violation” of his civil rights.

“As president, I had two jobs: running our country well and surviving,” he said in a statement through his Save America political action committee.

“I’ve been more scrutinized by the Democrats than Billy the Kid, Jesse James and Al Capone combined,” he said, claiming he was “innocent” in all cases.

“After surviving so many studies, many people have said to me, ‘You have to be the cleanest person there is. No one else could have survived this.’ But how do I get my reputation back if this unfair persecution continues indefinitely?” he said.

He claimed that Ms. James “no longer works as an attorney general, she is a Democratic Party employee in a political prosecution” and a “disgrace to our justice system”.

In February, New York judge Arthur Engoron dismissed the former president’s attempt to evade the subpoena, and Mr Trump was faced with a March 31 deadline to submit documents as part of a civil investigation into his financial dealings — a date agreed to by all parties.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump and his children have attempted to quash the subpoenas for their sworn testimony, accuse the attorney general of launching a political witch hunt, and have sued her office in federal court in an attempt to end the investigation as to whether to withdraw from it.

On April 7, she filed a motion asking the state’s Supreme Court to contemplate the former president for failing to produce evidence, and proposed a $10,000 daily fine for each day he refused to file a court order. follow.

“The judge’s order was crystal clear: Donald J Trump must comply with our subpoena and hand over relevant documents to my office,” she said in a statement. “Instead of obeying a court order, Mr. Trump is trying to get around it. We request the immediate intervention of the court because no one is above the law.”

Her office has conducted a wide-ranging civil investigation into the Trump family and her New York-based Trump organization, which she has accused of “fraudulent or deceptive” practices, including repeated misrepresentation of asset values, “to attempt to wide range of economic benefits, including loans, insurance coverage and tax deductions.”

No charges have been filed yet, but her office’s filings mark the most detailed report yet after long-running allegations involving the company and Mr. Trump.

The family was ordered to give affidavit and submit documents related to the financial condition of its organization, which its own accountants at the Mazars USA company have recently determined to be unreliable.

Not only did Mr. Trump “not at all” comply with the court order, he filed a “response” with the attorney general’s office “objecting to each of the eight document requests in the subpoena on reasons such as too great size, burden, and lack of detail,” said the motion from Mrs. James’s office.

“This court’s order was not an opening bid for a negotiation or an invitation to a new round of objections to the subpoena,” the motion said. Rather, it was a court order introduced after a full briefing and argument in which Mr. Trump could have made but not made the alleged objections or claims he has now put forward.

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