Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For ‘Pokémon’ Fans

pokemon has captured the attention of a large global audience. And thanks to social media, it has connected fans from all over the world to discuss and share gameplay and new information about the games. And since YouTube is by far one of the most prominent video sharing platforms, Poké fans have new ways to reach other fans about the series they know and love.

Fans have continued to find new discoveries that may have been adopted by other players since the game’s release in 1996. And while some information may be general, such as how rare Shiny Pokémon are, others may not be aware of other things about it. the game. game like spin-offs. And for others, they want to revisit the classics and share their experiences with others.

From the nostalgic journey to learning something new, here are the top 10 best YouTube channels to watch if you’re a pokemon fan.

10. The Official pokemon Youtube Channel

The pokemon The company likes to upload original content on their YouTube channel, in addition to their promotional materials. From side stories of the main character pokemon series to original content, such as a video about Bidoof being great or their Hisuian snow trilogy, you can bet they have some extra content outside of the main anime series. They also have the very first episode every time Ash visits a new region, so feel free to relive the nostalgia or remind yourself how each season starts.

9. Jaiden Animations

While Jaiden is best known for her animations throughout the story, some of her content revolves around gaming and her love for pokemon† Some of her most viewed content on her channel is hers pokemon nuzlocke attempts, where she plays a pokemon game with certain rules to make it difficult, and a video on how to play the spin-off game Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia† So while she’s not a PokéTuber in general, her content still appeals to pokemonn fans.

8. Alpharad

Speaking of Jaiden Animations, Alpharad was featured in one of Jaiden Animation’s videos where they talked about doing a soul-link nuzlock challenge. But apart from that, Alpharad does its own pokemon challenge videos like try to beat the game by using one pokemon† But outside pokemonhe also has other games like the super mario franchise or doing IRL and co-op video game content with other YouTubers.

7. Snivy102

Snivy102 is a small pokemon content creator with currently 6.11K subscribers. However, his content has been making waves lately as he talks about collecting originals pokemon games and the difference between real and fake cartridges. Although his channel doesn’t have much pokemon content, is worth keeping an eye on, especially for those interested in collecting pokemon spell.

6. BlueBoyPhin

BlueBoyPhin is a shiny fighter on YouTube. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s looking for rare looking pokemon which has a different color or brilliance. this kind pokemon are very rare with a small percent chance of ever encountering one. But it’s not just shiny hunting content that this YouTuber does. He also talks about obscure pokemon facts we may not know. So if you ever struggle to find shiny pokemonmaybe you can live vicariously through its content.

5. Dobbs

Dobbs’ YouTube channel talks about pokemon facts. From the characters to the pokemon itself, there is new information that you could learn from viewing its content. Some of its contents are lists, like the strongest starter pokemon or the top most evil pokemon in the game. He also gives some decent reasoning using Pokédex entries or references to the anime. This channel is worth checking out if you want to learn something new in a game we all love.

4. Pikasprey yellow

The content of Pikasprey Yellow is about softly locking you pokemon game. Soft-locking is when your game is placed in an inescapable situation that can keep you from progressing in the game. This user shows players how to soft-lock themselves in the game and in some cases how to escape it. In certain situations, the best solution is to return the game all the way to the beginning, but Pikasprey also tells you how to get out of these tricky situations. Make sure you have plenty of time on your hands.

3. Lockstin & Gnoggin

Lockstin & Gnoggin have been known to post pokemon theories and other Poké-themed content. Some of his most popular videos explain pokemon content such as explaining every legendary pokemonBattle Royale’s strengths and talents, and its multi-part series theorization Pokémon Sun and Moon before release. But outside the theories he also does lol pokemon content, such as simulating a lifestyle you live by pokemon Products. It is educational as well as fun and worth watching.

2. Poke Cutie

Poke Cutie is a pokemon compilation YouTube channel where you can watch different fun moments from different poKemon in the anime. This channel is here to help you relive all those fun moments, whether it’s a Pokemon that has a lot of screen time or that only appeared once or twice. After all, not all things pokemon are about fighting out with other trainers. Sometimes it’s the cute things that people prefer to see.

1. Johnstone

Johnstone is one of the few YouTube channels that are pokemon gameplay through a variety of challenges. Some of them are him trying to complete the Pokédex with fewer badges or playing the game with a few handicaps. It’s worth checking out if you want to see someone do these kinds of challenges but also learn how to perform them as he gives some tips and tricks to get them done.

From theorizing what the next game will be, to breaking the game to achieve a certain goal. Or revisiting a classic title once played, there’s a YouTube channel waiting for you to check out. And although there are so many makers who make pokemon YouTube content, it’s their personalities and unique experience and play that makes them stand out.

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