The best companies in GTA Online

Money is what makes the world go round in GTA Online. Whether players make their own money in-game or use real money to then acquire in-game currency, money is the focal point for most gameplay elements in Los Santos. Players need it to buy luxury vehicles, properties and almost everything else they interact with in GTA Online. While players can always buy Shark Cards for extra cash, starting a business is the most efficient way to bring in cash.

Businesses have become a staple in GTA Online since they were introduced after launch. Instead of players repeating missions and heists, companies give players the opportunity to earn money in a variety of ways. Companies allow players to earn their own money much more efficiently than the traditional methods previously used by players in Los Santos. Players can choose to invest in certain companies and sometimes see that investment pay for itself within a few days. However, players need to be smart with their money and choose the right businesses to run. There are some businesses that are more likely to fail than others, which players clearly want to stay away from. Alternatively, there are also companies that can make a profit extremely quickly. We’ve outlined some of those top-performing companies in GTA Online below.