Texas: Ringcam footage shows young white boy cracking whip against black family front door

A nine-year-old white boy is said to have been caught on camera whipping a black neighbor’s door, leading to a series of incidents and eventually landing his father in jail.

Bryan Thomas Brunson, the boy’s father, was arrested for accidentally firing a gun that nearly hit his daughter after a verbal altercation with black neighbors.

The boy had walked to Dee and Carissa Nash’s front door in Forney, Texas, last Thursday with a long whip that he had cracked more than twice before knocking on the door multiple times, the ring door video showed. .

When Mrs. Nash opened the door, the boy – visibly startled – stopped as he was told to leave the grounds. “Little boy, you better get your ass off my porch and knock on my door,” you hear Mrs. Nash say.

“I’m going to call the police. You have to leave. Don’t ever knock on my damn door like that. Go!” she added. The couple claimed that the boy was looking for their nine-year-old daughter and that he scratched Ms Nash’s car on the way out.

The couple said they notified police, who claimed the boy’s family was moving “so it blows over” and asked them to sort it out.

“My wife called the police right after the boy left with the whip. The officer said they could not press charges because the child was only nine years old,” Nash told TMZ.

They were advised to take other legal action.

He added that the officer never showed the video to the boy’s father or seized the whip, which they feared the boy could carry to school or chase their daughter.

In the following video, Mr. Nash is seen outside Mr. Brunson’s house, complaining about his son’s behavior.

“Let me show you the video when you come out and talk like adults. I’m trying to have a civilized conversation… your son whipped my door and slammed into my car,” Nash said.

“I don’t know, but my son told me that your son jumped him on the way home,” Mr. Brunson replied from his house.

You can hear Ms. Nash say in the video that their son was 13 years old and did not attend the same school.

Mr. Brunson then got out to ask Mr. Nash to leave his property. ‘Get off my territory, because you don’t come here to talk nice. You’re accusing my son,” Mr Brunson yelled.

As Mr. Nash left the premises, the men began to fling expletives at each other. “Your son came here with a f****** whip. Bring his ass back here and see what the hell happens,” Mr. Nash said.

Mr. Brunson is seen holding a pistol which he fires as Mr. Nash turns to respond to him. As the bullet went off, Ms. Nash can be heard shouting repeatedly, “Oh my God!”

“The gun was always out,” Nash told TMZ.

Videos of the incident, now going viral on social media with nearly 5 million views, were posted this weekend in light of the Buffalo shooting, in which 10 black people were murdered by an 18-year-old white supremacist.

Kaufman County Officer Jason Johnson said Mr Brunson argued with the couple in his driveway with an illegal Ruger semi-automatic pistol. He accidentally fired the gun when he picked it up from the floor.

“He had a child standing behind it and when it went off, it could have seriously injured that child or taken that child’s life or someone else’s,” the agent said by NBC5.

“This is not acceptable. This is how things escalate. This is why things like the one in Buffalo happen because it starts with something like this. This stuff is learned, nobody is born that way. I believe it is learned,” Nash said. .

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