Sunbreak Previews New Gameplay for Followers

Capcom shares a short gameplay preview of the new follower search feature in the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion.

When Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak its most recent digital event concluded a week ago, many in the community were probably hyped by all the exciting revelations. Three new monsters were announced, including the return of Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate‘s flagship wyvern Seregios. Another upcoming feature to be revealed during the event is the tracking missions. And recently the solar time team shared a brief preview of the feature’s gameplay, including what the NPCs can do while hunting.


The release date of the massive expansion is only a month away, and the recently closed Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event only served to excite the gaming community more. Players will likely look forward to exchanging new Switch Skills while hunting, or taking on the new subspecies of the Somnacanth and Almudron. The new Follower Quest feature allows hunters to join some of their favorite NPCs from both Kamura Village and Elgado Outpost on quests.

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On the official Twitter account, Capcom shared a short video of what can happen when fighters play a Follower Quest. According to the post, Follower Quests are single player hunts that will help gamers deepen their friendships with a specific NPC. In the gameplay footage, the fighter can be seen with Dame Fiorayne, one of the new characters you can encounter in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak‘s Elgado Outpost. NPCs in Follower Quests can also fall or collapse during battle, but fighters can help them get them back into battle.

The video shows that NPCs have some capacity to hunt like real players. They can lay traps to stop monsters, restore a fighter’s health, and even initiate Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak‘s hallmark of Wyvern Riding. During the May 2022 digital event, the developers also shared that each NPC will have its own weapon specialization, allowing hunters to choose their favorite weapon to combine with during hunts. This will likely help in battles with tougher monsters like the title’s flagship, the elder dragon Malzeno.

While no portion of the official footage reveals the benefits of Follower Quests, fans of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will probably enjoy the feature. There are many characters from the base MH Rise title, and more introduced in the upcoming expansion, so being able to hunt with the roster of characters will likely be an entertaining way to pass the time between assigned quests and official hunts.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for PC and Switch, and solar time will be released on June 30.

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