State TV host Vladimir Solovyov melts away after broadcasting wrong clip of Ukrainians calling Russia ‘a bitch’

Russia has seen nothing since Vladimir Putin unleashed a full-fledged invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Kremlin propagandists tasked with presenting Russia’s massive losses and setbacks as part of their leader’s genius plan are feeling the heat. During Tuesday evening’s broadcast of The evening with Vladimir Solovyovthe cracks were bigger than ever.

Host Vladimir Solovyov, who routinely jokes and broadcasts heartless cartoons in his coverage of the war in Ukraine, wanted to show a clip of Ukrainian soldiers abusing or killing Russian invaders – to counter the coverage of the horrific massacre in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. to go. He introduced the clip in a dramatic way, explaining in part: “This is how the Ukrainian Nazis and the Georgian mercenaries who have joined their ranks are treating our POWs, whom they captured during our withdrawal from the Kiev region, which is our gesture of good will.”

But due to an apparent production accident, that was not the clip that was shown.

In the video that aired, Ukrainian soldiers stood around a bloody scene on an unknown road, shouting “Glory to Ukraine”, “Glory to the heroes” and “Russia is a bitch”. Images of the bodies, supposedly of Russian soldiers, had faded. The video ended with one of the Ukrainian fighters staring straight into the lens and saying, “Don’t come to our country.” Basically, the video conveyed the opposite message of what the host wanted to show.

Solovyov went ballistic and shouted: “There was another clip, I don’t understand why it was shown! There is a clip where they shoot at our POWs.” Increasingly louder and louder Solovyov shouted: “I do not understand why the editors showed this clip and not the one I sent them!” The host still didn’t see the clip and yelled, ‘Show me that clip! Show me that video!” Nothing happened, which annoyed the host even more. Solovyov’s frustration was palpable as the show progressed. Every now and then he would yell, “Is the clip ready or not?”

That was not the only heated moment in the Tuesday segment. As the show progressed, Solovyov opined: “Zelensky got hysterical, talked about Bucha and never answered the question: where were these people killed? What was their cause of death? Their date of death? That would have explained a lot. Most importantly, who are they?”

The host’s questions were a regurgitation of a conspiracy theory that has blossomed on Russian state television of late. One Russian state television host after another has recited similar topics of discussion this week, possibly obtained from a so-called “temnik” (directives usually distributed to state media that define their topics of discussion). Solovyov was one of them, claiming that US President Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin a butcher because the West had pre-planned the Bucha massacre with the intention of blaming Russia well in advance.

Host of the state television program 60 minutes, Evgeny Popov, who is also a deputy of the State Duma, made identical allegations on Monday evening. “This was a major special operation turning into hysteria. They’ve been planning it for a long time. It wasn’t for nothing that Biden called Putin a ‘butcher’ – and now we have Bucha,” he said. During the show’s morning broadcast that same day, Popov’s wife and co-host Olga Skabeeva recited similar conspiratorial nonsense: “Biden said Putin is a butcher. Bucha sounds like ‘butcher’. How could they not take advantage of such a city?”

Solovyov stuck to the latest trend on state television in his other show, full contact, on Tuesday: ‘It’s Bucha, because it sounds like ‘butcher’, he said. “A very happy sound. So it is clear that the British specialists are behind this.” After trying to put the blame on the Americans, the British and the Ukrainians, Solovyov was eager to show who he believes are the real victims in this war: the invading Russian forces.

As for the clip Solovyov wanted to see on his evening segment, it never aired, leaving him confused and excited. The show that was later uploaded to the official state television website was tampered with and drastically different from the live stream. Solovyov’s furious screams were omitted, disguising how furious he was at the mishaps on his show — not to mention Russia’s failures in Ukraine. And that was before he found out that one of his recently seized Italian villas had been set on fire and vandalized.

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