Soulsborne fans debate which game has the best fog door

From Demon’s Souls to Elden Ring, fans of FromSoftware RPGs argue over which fog door is best, leading to heated arguments.

The Soulsborne series of RPGs developed by FromSoftware are known for a few things. Usually the games have a dark fantasy setting where the player creates his own character to traverse the map and fight against some extremely difficult bosses. There are plenty of other things a FromSoftware fan will notice in any title from Demon Souls until Elden Ringlike the swamps that decorate at least part of every map in the Soulsborne games.


Oftentimes, fans like to debate which of these recurring features in the Soulsborne franchise is the best, or, in the case of swamps, the worst. Recently, fans have been discussing which game has the best fog door. Fog doors are the way players of Demon souls until Elden Ring can encounter bosses. When interacting with the door, a player will encounter a short animation of him stepping from one area to another. This essentially helps prevent regular enemies from following players into boss rooms.

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Players debated every entry in the Soulsborne series. However, what was notably missing from the lineup was FromSoftware’s 2019 action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice† This absence will likely make sense to the majority of Soulsborne fans, such as: sekiro is not considered part of the Soulsborne franchise, according to FromSoftware, as it has too many mechanical differences from RPGs like Elden Ring† There are some additions to Elden Ring based on sekirolike the samurai class and the boss of malenia.

The most voted comment on the Reddit post that kicks off the debate over which game crowned the best fog door Demon Souls as winner. This was because Demon Souls has a well-known explanation for its fog doors, while the following games only use them for gameplay so that a boss fight is a real duel between the player and one of the strongest enemies of a Soulsborne game. Some other fans joked about that Bloodborne’s fog also had an explanation, as the game is based in England and that anyone living in London would recognize the fog doors almost immediately.

Notwithstanding Demon Souls lore explaining that the fog door is part of the setting, many fans still stated that bloodborne had their favorite fog door. One fan stated that this could be from a bloodborne bias in the FromSoftware community as it is the favorite game of many fans. Since the debate is probably still going on, and it’s such a subjective issue, it seems like fans will never have a conclusive answer.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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