Slip knot vs. Zeus: Legendary Metal Band Enters The Battlefield Of The Gods In Smite

The moshpit is in the middle of the Battleground of the Gods, thanks to the all-new Slipknot crossover event. To beat has teamed up with world-renowned heavy metal band Slipknot to bring all nine band members into-game with a range of fantastic skins, now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Like all of our crossover events in To beat, this was a labor of love. Many of our developers are “maggots” – the term for Slipknot believers. But perhaps no one is as big a fan as our Audio Lead Kellen Malone, who asked me to pass on this note:

“As a fan of Slipknot for over 22 years, working with Slipknot has been a truly surreal experience. Helping to use Slipknot and their music To beat has been a passion project and a career highlight that I will never forget. Slipknot went above and beyond with the inclusion of clown noises that we incorporated into our sound effects. The Titan Forge team has put a tremendous amount of effort into making this a reality and has been worked on by many longtime Slipknot fans. Stay metal.”

This great event allows you to directly buy the skin of your favorite band member, be it Corey Taylor, clown, Sid Wilson, Craig Jones, Michael Pfaff, Jay Weinberg, Mick Thomson, Jim Root or Alessandro Venturella. All items are also available in a chest. Unlock three cosmetics to get the Slipknot music theme and rock the battlefield to excerpts from the songs “Duality,” “Psychosocial” and “The Devil In I.” There’s no better time to buy than now – there’s a Gem Sale through May 30!

If you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can get started with the Slipknot Starter Pass for free! This starter pass includes the gods from the Slipknot event, their Voice Packs, a 30-day account booster and a Deal of the Day token to get you started in To beat as quickly as possible.

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For all our Xbox players, this update also brings a special surprise: your first chance to play the Classic Conquest map ever! This return to To beat‘s early days, previously only available on PC, is now available as part of our new To beat Night function. Every Saturday is now your night to play To beat† log in every Saturday to play featured game modes like Classic Conquest, get special free rewards and much more! Saturday is To beat Night, every week!

We’re also turning back the clock with the old Blast from the Past Battle Pass. You can finally unlock Trickster Loki on Xbox, just with your first purchase. After that, you can unlock up to three other skins that you choose! Choose from favorite skins you may have missed in a previous Battle Pass – the choice is yours!

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If you’re a ranked main, you’re in luck – our biggest Conquest refresh yet is here! Next to an huge balance pass that drastically changes the game feel, the all new Knight’s Keep map is here. This refresh brings a new Arthurian castle art in addition to Arthurian obelisks and offerings. The obelisks will launch your slingshot siege pushers into orbit and help you to victory.

We can’t wait to blast with you in Classic Conquest or Knight’s Keep!


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