Skyrim player points out strange problem with Morthal Watermill

While venturing through the world of Skyrim, a player enters Morthal and notices something incredibly strange about the watermill.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is home to many strange and disturbing quests, areas, NPCs and glitches. From the strange quests of Clavicus Vile to the whole town of Markarth, Skyrim contains a plethora of unique content for players to explore and experience.

As mentioned above, while much of the strange content is intended, sometimes glitches can be the cause of a strange event. For example, recently a player encountered a strange glitch that covered the entirety of Whiterun in a gray mist, causing Skyrim go inside Silent Hill† The glitch gave the game a much creepier vibe, but seemed to be removed after the player entered a house.


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Another outage that was more immersive than anything else was caused by what appeared to be power lines in Skyrim‘s Rorikstead. Rather than appearing scary, the look of the lines was just out of place in the medieval fantasy world. More recently, a player encountered a glitch in his game while traveling through Morthal; when they looked at the town’s watermill, they saw something subtle but extraordinary about the wheel.

At first, the title of Reddit user Gavesh_Tuhindyuti seems misleading, as there doesn’t seem to be anything noticeably wrong with the factory; the building is intact, the wheel turns and the water flows. However, when one looks back at the wheel and the water, one may notice that the two are going in opposite directions; the wheel turns in the opposite direction to the water, seemingly fighting the current rather than being propelled by it. Although certainly not game-breaking Skyrim glitch, it’s strange to look at once you notice it.

Reddit users agreed with this sentiment, expressing the strangeness of the wheel and making some jokes. One user joked that the reverse wheel was part of Morthal’s effort to drain their swamp, making the place more beautiful and habitable. Another user stated that their wheel was spinning correctly when they signed up; Gavesh_Tuhindyuti replied that the glitch may be an issue only found on the Nintendo Switch. Yet another user joked that the wheel was spinning the right way, and instead was spinning so fast that it just seemed to be spinning wrong.

While the idea of ​​a helicopter-bladed windmill is certainly entertaining, the case of the counterspinning mill is indeed odd. As players begin to create real-life versions of Skyrim items, such as a real-life Skyrim sweet sandwich, fans can only hope that Skyrim‘s physics don’t match them.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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