Russian troops devise ways to get out of Putin’s war, including ‘to psychiatric ward’

Russian forces are apparently resorting to increasingly drastic methods to get themselves out of Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, in one case even being admitted to a psychiatric hospital, Ukrainian intelligence said.

Recently released audio from the main intelligence agency of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is said to be an intercepted telephone conversation between a Russian soldier in Ukraine’s Kherson region and his parents.

After telling his father that “we are all on strike here,” the soldier, whose name is only Andrei, says that everyone is “tired of everything” and refuses to follow orders.

“They’re all revolting,” he says. “Tell Mommy to get me a medical certificate that I have hypertension. Maybe then I can go home. They have already sent a few others back.”

His mother then gets the phone and drops a bomb on a family friend who apparently also served.

“In fact he came, or he was taken there, and he said, ‘I’m not going to continue in the army,’ and that he would hide,” she said.

His mother decided to admit him to a psychiatric hospital, she said. His mother, she said, had “pulled strings so that when he gets out, he can still drive and work.”

The soldier seems more interested in how the family friend managed to leave Ukraine and asked, “Who brought them out?” How did they bring them out? Do you know?”

She responds by telling him that she had heard that some troops had refused to participate further in the war and were subsequently sent back.

“They say that in Donetsk – find out more about this if possible – they get guys like us to Donetsk. They force them to sign contracts and even torture them [to do so]… They threaten them with some law and force them to take an oath and sign a contract,” responds the soldier, adding that an acquaintance is in contact with a lawyer “because they illegally brought us in .”

According to the main intelligence service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the number of Russian soldiers rebelling against the war has grown so much that the Russian Federal Security Service has stationed agents within its ranks to act as informers. Those most outspoken about their desire to abandon the battle will instead be relocated to the most dangerous areas, the agency said Wednesday.

Some Russian forces have apparently given up hope of claiming the twisted “victory” in Ukraine that the Kremlin has set its sights on.

Two troops were even caught switching to Ukrainian after complaining about the war in an audio clip of an alleged intercepted call shared by Ukraine’s security service on Wednesday.

“Every damn night we fight with the” [sabotage and reconnaissance groups].… Well, damn it, I’m tired of everything. I want to go home,” said a man identified as a Russian soldier.

After unleashing a stream of curse words, both soldiers suddenly seem to finish their venting session before inexplicably ending their conversation, not with the typical Russian “goodbye”, but with the Ukrainian: “Do pobachenn’a!”

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