RimWorld gets chance to overturn Australian ban

The Australian Classification Board has agreed to review its decision to withdraw RimWorld from sale.

RimWorld, the critically acclaimed sci-fi colony sim from developer Ludeon Studios, was denied classification in Australia last month, preventing its release and effectively banning its sale.

As Matt put it at the time, it wasn’t a particularly surprising decision, given that the Australian classification committee is notoriously sensitive to certain issues in games, and after all, RimWorld is a simulation whose incredibly deep systems make drug-driven cannibalism a completely legitimate pastime for settlers.

It was a bit confusing, though, given that by the time the ban went into effect, RimWorld had been on sale on PC in Australia for nearly five years.

Now, however, it appears that Australia is at least willing to reassess its original ruling. RimWorld creator Tynan Sylvester took to Twitter to announce the news, declaring, “Great news! The Australian Classification Society [is] are going to revise their ruling banning RimWorld from selling in Australia.

“We have a number of legal professionals and expert witnesses to help, so I’m optimistic. Thanks to everyone for your support on this,” added Sylvester (thanks, NME).

The meeting is scheduled for April 20, after which the board says it will share its “decisions and reasons” online for all of us to see.

RimWorld is far from the first title to be banned by the Australia Classification Board. In recent years, it has given DayZ an RC rating – a move that ultimately caused developer Bohemia Interactive to choose to remove references to drugs worldwide from the game – and it has similarly banned We Happy Few and Disco Elysium after they had taken offense with their depictions of drug use. In the latter two cases, however, the RC ratings were eventually destroyed. It remains to be seen whether RimWorld can also make an equally successful appeal.

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