Ridiculous Horizon Forbidden West Bug Sees Tideripper Fly Into Space

Horizon: Forbidden West is a massive open-world action-adventure game set in a post-apocolyptic future where a plague is devouring the world and the game’s protagonist, Aloy, is tasked with stopping it in its tracks. In Horizon: Forbidden Westmachines resembling dinosaurs and other primordial creatures are prowling the Earth, furious and programmed to attack humans on sight, creating a world full of obstacles and challenges for the player.

Of course, no game, not even a masterpiece, is without bugs, glitches, problems with code or AI, and a myriad of other problems that arise after months and months of millions of players playing the game in countless different ways. Glitches in games have their own fun place in the game’s life, like Skyrims giants wrecking the game’s physics engine and sending player characters flying into the stratosphere.


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A particular malfunction in Horizon: Forbidden West is actually not much different than Skyrim‘s giants and sees one of the game’s machines, the Tideripper, being shot into the sky. Redditor Alarming-Side-1470 posted a video showing Aloy first exploiting the Tideripper’s weakness to the Purgewater element and sending it to the soaked state. Then, after taking a few more shots, Aloy appears to send the Tideripper flying hundreds of feet into the air. Eventually, the powerful machine disappears completely from her sight.

This Tideripper’s meeting area is already a bit buggy as players have to lure the machine out of the deep and into the shallows on the beach, creating a lot of issues related to pulling aggro, hostile vision mechanics vs Aloy’s stealth mechanics and others. Normally, after being attacked, the Tideripper will run out of the water, charge straight at Aloy and officially begin the fight.

So here it looks like this momentum is glitching in an upward direction instead, which, as glitches and bugs go, seems to be a problem with the physics engine that appears in several games. Horizon: Forbidden West does so many other things perfectly that rare glitches like this are barely game-breaking in any significant way, and this particular bug turns out to be a lot of fun.

While glitches are technically problems in games, many have embraced them with good humor and levity in such a way that they are not a nuisance. Horizon Forbidden West fans had fun with the glitches, and they’re often Reddit posts that will be visible years after the game’s initial release.

Horizon: Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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