Richarlison said he had to “look at himself” after mocking Liverpool for losing to Real Madrid

Richarlison has been criticized for mocking Liverpool’s defeats in the Champions League and Premier League title race, and he was told to look at his own situation.

Liverpool’s season was unquestionably impressive, playing in every game possible for them, winning a cup double and falling about three goals short for an unprecedented fourfold.

However, they missed out on the two biggest trophies and that is cause for all the rival fans to mock them, rightly so, even if they had terrible seasons themselves it’s just how rivalry works people.

Liverpool players down after the final. Image: PA Images

One such rival is Richarlison, with the Everton attacker taking every opportunity to mock the Reds, even though Everton barely managed to break into the top of England by the skin of their teeth in the final week of the campaign.

The former Watford posted a photoshopped photo of him smiling on a bus after losing to Real Madrid on Saturday, but now former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique has hit the Toffees star.

“Richarlison should look at himself. His team was almost relegated and Everton spent even more than Liverpool on transfer fees. I think he should look at his team and I see him and Gary Neville inciting fans,” the former left-back told Genting Casino .

“I know Gary Neville is doing it with Jamie Carragher and I know he is a legend for Man United, but Richarlison who got involved when he wasn’t having the best season in the world should be more concerned about himself. “

Rumors started circulating that it was a fake company concocted by Everton fans to troll their rivals, with claims that the company director was a ‘Richard Arlison’, with even a photoshopped image of the details of Companies House.

Of course that wasn’t the case and it was just a group of Liverpool fans stuck on the side of the road for several hours with no way of reaching France, thanks to someone’s incompetence.

Richarlison scored important goals in Everton's attempt to survive.  Image: Alamy
Richarlison scored important goals in Everton’s attempt to survive. Image: Alamy

The Brazilian was instrumental in keeping Frank Lampard’s squad in the Premier League, scoring in their massive comeback win against Crystal Palace, officially keeping them in the top tier.

He responded to that win, which was marred by the attack on Patrick Viera and other fans, by taking to Twitter to tackle Jamie Carragher.

The Premier League would definitely be worse without his antics, frankly, that’s exactly what rivalry is all about!

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