Primary election results live: Trump rages as Dr Oz struggles in PA and Madison Cawthorn crashes

‘Great Guy’: Trump Supports Dr. Mehmet Oz in Republican primary for Senate race

With nearly all the results of Tuesday’s key primaries, strong performances from several Donald Trump-backed candidates underscore the former president’s lingering influence within the party — but it was far from a perfect scorecard, with North Carolina Republicans taking the lead from Trump. backed Congresswoman Madison Cawthorn in his primary.

Mr Cawthorn’s defeat, stricken by the scandal, was met with cheer among critics of the ex-president, including within the Republican Party — where even many in the establishment wanted the congressman removed from office for his extreme statements and bizarre behavior.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump has taken to Truth Social to falsely suggest that ballots were fraudulent in Pennsylvania, where his Senate elected candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is in a fierce battle with former hedge fund executive David McCormick.

With only a small fraction of the votes yet to be counted, the two men are only a small number of votes away from each other, putting them within the 0.5-point margin that triggers an automatic recount – raising the possibility that votes by mail Mr McCormick ahead.


Why we don’t know the results in the GOP primary senate in Pennsylvania yet?

Dr. Oz and Dave McCormick are only a few tenths of a percentage point apart in the Republican primary for a US Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

It can take several days or weeks to determine who won the race, and there are still several thousand incoming or absent ballots to be counted and processed.

Thousands of Lancaster County ballot misprints also need to be spotted manually, with a team of 50 volunteers and district officials working with election administrators.

The errors affected about 16,000 of the 22,000 returned ballots.

When all the votes are counted, the race is likely to go to a recount, if the men can’t escape the 0.5 percent threshold that separates them. That threshold triggers an automatic recount, under state law. That process should begin on June 1 and end by June 7 at the latest.

Then, of course, the winner in the GOP primary will face John Fetterman, who won every county in the state in the Democratic primary. That general election will pit the GOP candidate against Fetterman on Nov. 8.

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 23:37


Who is Dr Oz, the Trump-backed celebrity doctor running for GOP primary in the Pennsylvania Senate race?

The daytime television personality broadcast by millions of Americans for health advice made a surprising turn in Pennsylvania politics last year.

Now he is the possible Republican candidate in a Senate midterm election that could change the balance of power in Congress.

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 23:04


Bill de Blasio Considers Entering Congressional Race in Newly Drawn NY District

Bill de Blasio — the former New York City mayor and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination — has announced that he is considering running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives in the state’s newly-drawn 10th congressional district.

He is forming a so-called ‘exploratory committee’ to see if he should formally apply for accession, with primary elections on August 23.

The wide-open race with the new map — which has ping-ponged over legal challenges that alleged the district favors Democrats — has attracted several candidates for the state’s Democratic leadership, including current members of the assembly and city council members.

U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler, who represents the 10th district as it stands, is instead running for the redesigned 12th district, pitting another great Democratic member of Congress: Carolyn Maloney, chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

“Our neighborhoods need help as we recover from Covid,” the former mayor said on Wednesday. “Our nation needs help because democracy is under threat and working people are struggling. I am ready to serve to continue the fight against inequality. Today I am forming an Exploratory Committee for the new #NY10.”

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 22:24


‘Too immature and uncivilized’

But Cawthorn’s loss was also a win for Senator Thom Tillis, who told the newspaper that the far-right freshman congressman’s concession is “a great first step” in getting his foot in the door of the GOP again.

Why did the senator want revenge? the independent‘s Eric Garcia explains:

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 21:52


Defeated GOP primary candidate blames Sean Hannity for her loss, accusing him of ‘flat lies’

Far-right candidate Kathy Barnette, who is third in the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primaries, blames Fox News host Sean Hannity.

In a video posted to her Twitter account early Wednesday morning, she thanked her supporters and attacked the Fox personality.

She said: “I just want to say, never forget what Sean Hannity did in this race. Almost single-handedly, Sean Hannity sowed seeds of disinformation, outright lies every night for the past five days. And that was apparently very difficult to overcome.”

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 21:28


Cawthorn Closes His PAC Leadership After Election Loss

It fails to see Congressman Madison Cawthorn have any plans to return to office after finishing his current term following his loss in Tuesday night’s GOP primaries.

Its Making A Difference In Service to Our Nation (or MADISON) leadership PAC has filed its resignation with the Federal Election Commission less than 24 hours after the results came in, according to Business Insider.

The Trump-backed nominee and once up-and-coming young Republican in Congress admitted his loss to Chuck Edwards for the Republican nomination for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district race.

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 21:15


Pro-Trump PAC spent $25k on calls to Dr Oz. to give a boost

A pro-Trump super PAC spent $25,000 on a last-minute phone call for Dr. Oz ahead of primary Election Day on Tuesday according to Make America Great Again, Again! filings with the FEC, as reported by The Washington Post.

Half of the calls promoted Oz, while the others opposed David McCormick and Kathy Barnette.

The GOP Senate primary race in Pennsylvania is still too close to mention Wednesday afternoon, with Oz and McCormick a few thousand votes, or 0.2 percentage points, with Oz leading.

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 20:55


ICYMI: On the scene of Madison Cawthorn’s stunning North Carolina loss

Two very different scenes developed on Tuesday night in Hendersonville, North Carolina, as a pair of rivals pitted against each other for the title of GOP-nominated state in Congress.

U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn — the far-right Trump-backed first-term congressman — learned he was likely out of the running as his campaign wrapped up his election night party at a small car dealership and tire store.

the independentJohn Bowden’s has more of his on-the-ground dispatch:

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 19:48


From Madison Cawthorn to Dr Oz, who really won and lost on Trump’s big primary night

the independentEric Garcia has this message from last night’s results, which prove Trump’s approvals in high-profile races are no guarantee:

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 6:42 PM


Do Republicans like ‘Big Lie’ supporter Doug Mastriano now suddenly believe in the legitimacy of elections?

After the 2020 election, in which Biden Pennsylvania won, Doug Mastriano was one of 10 Republican senators who called for the deferral of electoral college certification and also said the Pennsylvania state legislature had “sole authority” to nominate voters.

He declared victory in his gubernatorial campaign last night within moments of news networks’ race call.

So, what has changed? Why do Mastriano and all the other past deniers who won their races now believe the election process was fair?

Alex WoodwardMay 18, 2022 6:06 PM

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