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‘Great Guy’: Trump Supports Dr. Mehmet Oz in Republican primary for Senate race

Donald Trump’s favorite candidates face their GOP rivals in Pennsylvania and North Carolina today, while races are held elsewhere in Kentucky, Oregon and Idaho.

In Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump supported Dr. Mehmet Oz, the famous TV doctor who hopes to win the GOP nomination to succeed outgoing Republican Senator Pat Toomey. dr. Oz faces a staggering late wave of ‘ultra-Maga’ candidate Kathy Barnette – due to his own problems, most notably a lack of enthusiasm among conservatives. He has also notably refused to repeat Mr Trump’s mantra that the 2020 election was stolen, a particularly risky move given that the state where he operates is one of the ex-president’s fixes.

Meanwhile, the former president for the open US Senate seat in North Carolina chooses Ted Budd, who most pollsters believe is a comfortable lead over Pat McCrory, the former governor of the state.

Madison Cawthorn, the embattled first-term congressman who has been rocked by scandal in recent months, is also hoping to win the contested primary for North Carolina’s 11th congressional district. He apparently remains in the lead, although polls have been scarce.


Democrats are fighting over ideology

While the alternately bizarre and bitter Republican primaries in the US today receive the lion’s share of attention, Democrats themselves are waging some serious internal party battles — many of them over whether left-wing progressives or centrist moderates have a better chance of winning key districts in November. to hold.

And it seems the intensity of the feud is reflected in fundraising, with money flowing into just a handful of races where the left and the center clash most bitterly.

Here’s a dive into the story of Politics

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 15:25


Doug Mastriano staffer was in US Capitol on January 6, 2021

Of the several top candidates in tonight’s primaries, perhaps the most controversial is Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastrian, who is set to become the Republican nominee for governor. A far-right Christian who was openly involved in transporting people to Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, has cracked down on the media during his campaign, often denying reporters access to his events.

The job of keeping them out was often the job of his staff – and now it turns out that one of them was not only present at the US Capitol before the January 6 attack, but was also near the site. where journalists were attacked and their equipment destroyed .

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 14:55


Dr Oz invites voters to think of him in bed

In a very strange interview on Fox News yesterday, Dr. Mehmet Oz offered some reassuring words to Pennsylvania voters about his dedication to working for them. But in his final rendering, the message was more than a little garbled…

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 2:24 PM


Pennsylvania poll shows Oz tied to Barnette

According to a last-minute poll of Pennsylvania primary voters, Donald Trump’s supporter Dr. Oz appears to be in serious trouble, with rising far-right candidate Kathy Barnette holding him to an effective draw.

Outline the results, writes the national pollster SP&R:

The GOP nomination for the US Senate is a very close race between frontrunner Mehmet Oz (28%) and Kathy Barnette (27%). This should be considered a statistical draw and well within the poll’s margin of error. Dave McCormick, another candidate who has spent a lot of money on paid TV advertising, is the only other candidate with double digits (at 11%). All other candidates receive single-digit support, including Carla Sands (3%), Jeff Bartos (2%) and George Bochetto and Sean Gale (1%). Nearly one in four (or 24%) say they still haven’t made a decision. K. Barnette can win this race because she leads the field with 45% (v. 33% ahead of Oz and everyone else far behind) among voters who have made a decision “in the last few days”. This suggests she may have the momentum to head into the final two days of the campaign.

Take a look at the poll below.

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 13:50


Analysis: The GOP Senator Is Determined To Bury Madison Cawthorn

Ahead of tonight’s North Carolina primaries, Eric Garcia has glanced at the mainstream Republican effort to somehow evict Madison Cawthorn from his district — an effort led by incumbent Senator Thom Tillis:

Tillis’ struggle is a mix of trying to put a young man in his place, taking revenge on the friends who crossed Cawthorn, and punishing the congressman for risking the political victories he’s worked so hard for. To borrow from another North Carolinian who happens to own Charlotte’s basketball team: “It got personal with me”.

Read his full analysis below.

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 13:17


Kathy Barnette defends her Islamophobic comments from Obama

Among the many stories circulating around Pennsylvania candidate Kathy Barnette is her history of Islamophobic remarks, including about Barack Obama when he was president. In a recent appearance on Fox News, Ms. Barnette was asked to account for a message she posted on January 16, 2016 claiming that former President Barack Obama is a “Muslim who does Muslim-type things” — and her response wasn’t exactly rigid.

“I was watching… FBI Director James Comey is testifying, I believe, before the Senate, saying, ‘We can vet until the cows come home and we don’t know who these people are. And yet Obama said to the American people at the time, ‘Don’t worry. We’re going to vet everyone,” and what were we looking at as Americans? [was] very nerve-wracking,” she said.

Read more from below Andrew Feinberg

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 12:40 PM


Cawthorn touts ‘ultra-Maga’ views

Madison Cawthorn, the right-wing congressman running for re-election with Donald Trump’s backing, has embraced his reputation as a hardcore right-winger — an image only reinforced by several incendiary statements and his decision to carry guns to airports — and to the eve of his North Carolina primary, he tweeted his views on the Republican Party’s chances this fall:

Mr. Cawthorn’s prediction runs counter to that of many in the party, and even Donald Trump, who said in a recent statement that hardliner Kathy Barnette cannot offer the GOP a guaranteed victory in Pennsylvania if she wins the primary against his chosen candidate. , relative moderate Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 12:10 pm


Trump calls to Oz event in Pennsylvania

Donald Trump is now selective with his personal appearances on the campaign path, mostly confining himself to meetings in carefully chosen states with candidates he has wholeheartedly supported. He held such an event for Dr. Mehmet Oz, but since it became clear that the TV doctor is in danger of losing his primaries, Mr. Trump has not appeared in Pennsylvania.

However, at a campaign event in Oz last night — billed as a “telerally” — saw the president dialing into the speakerphone to address a roomful of supporters, reassuring them that the candidate was in fact pro-life and pro-gun. . Dr. Oz’s long record of relatively liberal stances on both issues has been the main attack on him for many conservatives, who have resisted his pleas despite Mr Trump’s support.

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 11:35


Barnette attacked on January 6… by Fox News

Photos of Kathy Barnette during the January 6, 2021 march on the U.S. Capitol have been outraged among those already alarmed by her turnout — and it’s not just Democrats who are angry.

On his show last night, Fox News’ Sean Hannity stepped up his steady opposition to Mrs. Barnette with a segment about the “mystery” that surrounds her.

Mr. Hannity has long been a supporter of both Dr. Oz as Donald Trump, a dual band who (all complaints about her extremism aside) has pitted him against Mrs. Barnette since she first came on the radar.

Andrew NaughtieMay 17, 2022 10:53


Pro-Israel group collapses into hundreds of thousands to defeat progressive in Pennsylvania

The group that serves as the political arm of AIPAC, the largest Israeli lobby organization in the US, has put more than $1 million into a Pennsylvania House race to defeat a progressive Summer Lee, who appears poised to beat attorney Steve Irwin on the district council. Democratic primaries.

Mr. Irwin is a former GOP operative and AIPAC itself is currently facing sharp criticism from the left for refusing to explain why it supported Republican candidates who fought last year to undo the 2020 election results. But the organization’s money could still turn the tide in Pennsylvania.

John BowdenMay 17, 2022 10:00

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