Pokemon fan shows off their ‘Pokedesk’

While many gamers are already aware, pokemon fans form a passionate community. This passion often manifests itself in fan art based on some of their favorite pocket monsters from the games, such as Pikachu and Charizard, to name a few. Recently, a pokemon gamer revealed how far they were willing to go to show their love for the series by using stickers.

Since the founding of the pokemon franchise in 1996, the series has grown far beyond just video games. The franchise has been successful selling all sorts of merchandise such as: pokemon cuddly toys. In addition, many gamers have purchased stickers based on their favorite Pokemon over the years. And not long ago, a gamer put these stickers to good albeit unusual use.


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On Reddit, a user known as Renegaines posted a collection of photos from a unique project they had been working on related to the pokemon series. This was no ordinary project, however, as the Reddit user revealed that they had transformed their regular desk into what they affectionately referred to as a “Pokedesk.” In the series of images, the gamer showed what appeared to be their desk covered in the designs of several popular Pokemon. Just a few of the notable pocket monsters on display were Squirtle, Meowth, and Gengar.

In addition to sharing several images of the “Pokedesk,” Renegaines shared how the unusual desk concept came to be. Interestingly enough, they revealed that they initially had no intention of covering the entire surface of the desk with stickers. Instead, they noticed that they started with one sticker, and things went up from there. While seemingly every inch of desk space was covered with pokemontheme stickers revealed to the Reddit user that the project was not quite finished. According to the pokemon fan, they still had to cover the desk with a layer of protective epoxy.

Since Renegaines posted their unique-looking desk on Reddit, countless members of the pokemon municipality have taken note. In the days since the photos were posted, a number of gamers have upgraded the sticker-laden desk. Among the comments, many noted that the stickers gave them a touch of nostalgia, as they remembered from their childhood. In addition, while many loved the design, some feared that they would lose items on the desk among the plethora of pokemon decals. “It looks great, but I would lose so many little things on this table…” commented one gamer on Reddit.

While this desk was covered with pokemon stickers is absolutely unique, it is not the only creation shared by gamers in recent weeks. Recently, another fan came out with Fire, Water and even a Venom version of Bulbasaur. as the pokemon community continues to wait for the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet later this year it will be interesting to see what other fan art gets shared in the coming weeks.

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Source: Reddit

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