Pokemon Fan Reveals Cute Marriage Proposal

A Pokemon fan shares an image online of an adorable marriage proposal made to them, inspired by the Pokemon video games.

The video game medium has been able to bring people together to play their favorite games and interact with each other. With so many video game features out there, the biggest ones have the most fan engagement, and one such great feature is the pokemon franchisee.

The pokemon franchise has a large fan base that continues to grow with each new game and TV show that comes out over the years. pokemon fans have engaged each other in Pokemon battles in the video games, trading card games, cosplay, and general discussions about the franchise. The pokemon franchise even inspired someone pokemon fan to ask another fan’s hand in marriage.


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A Reddit user named JeskaCheska recently posted on the pokemon subreddit. They shared an image of a pokemon card made by their boyfriend in the style of the Game Boy graphics from the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue spell. The photo itself has a text box that is actually a marriage proposal to them and says “Will you marry me?” and even has a side pocket with “Yes” and “No” options for them to select, like in the games.

The pokemon card was delivered to JeskaCheska a few days ago and they shared the card on Reddit where they confirmed they said yes. The general reception of the post has been mostly positive with some humorous comments about the placement of the “Yes” and “No” buttons. The commentators especially congratulated JeskaCheska on the big moment and wished them well, and many thanked them for sharing the experience with the pokemon subreddit. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time fans have somehow used video games as inspiration for marriage proposals.

For example, a overwatch fan made a marriage proposal to their partner using a real loot box. Another example is when a fan of The Legend of Zelda introduced to their partner with a Zeldathemed ring box with Hyrule’s symbol carved on it. The inside of the box has a slightly modified famous quote from the NES Zelda game at the top that says ‘It’s dangerous to go alone. Take me?” above the ring in the box.

There was even a marriage proposal made by a Stardew Valley fan, where a Reddit user shared that their old friend made a replica of the Mermaid’s Pendant to propose to them. In Stardew Valley, players can introduce nubile characters into the game by giving them items such as the Mermaid’s Pendant. What the last marriage proposal of the pokemon fan shows is that video games continue to play a role in people’s lives, even when it comes to marriage.

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