Pokemon Fan Makes Venom Versions Of Classic Starters

A Pokemon fan creates a unique piece of art from the three Kanto starters making them look like they were possessed by the Venom Symbiont.

In any pokemon game, choosing between the three starters is the first big choice a player starts with. This often determines the player’s path, especially when it comes to confronting their rival in any game pokemon title. Starter Pokemon play a very important role in the games, which is why the community seems to enjoy making fan art out of them. Recently, a pokemon fan-created artwork showing what the three original starters from the Kanto region would look like if possessed by Marvel’s Venom Symbiote.


Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are the first three starters in the pokemon video games, and this seems to have made them very popular within the fan base. The Pokemon Company also continues to bring them back in many of the new games in the franchise, such as Pokemon Sword and Shield† So their presence can still be felt by the community even though a new generation of Pokemon is introduced.

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On Reddit, user scrazyone1 shared their vision of what Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle would look like if the Venom Symbiont took control of their bodies. While each Pokemon’s physical form is preserved, their signature colors have been changed to reflect Venom’s dark color scheme. Each of the Kanto Pokemon starters also has the iconic long tongue of the Marvel character, white venom logo on their chest and the crazy eyes Venom is known for. The image is rendered in 3D, giving the starters an intense and realistic look that community members of both fandoms are likely to appreciate.

Unfortunately, the artist did not specify whether they used a specific program or process to create their 3D image of the three starter Pokemon. However, the commentators seemed to like their version of the Pokemon. One even specifically mentioned the Grass-type starter Bulbasaur, hoping the venom version would have a Venus flytrap on their back when they reach their final evolution. Others also gave their suggestions on the other Pokemon they’d like to see venom versions of, namely Shellder, Lickitung and Arbok.

Checking their profile, this doesn’t seem like the first time scrazyone1 has released their 3D fan art from pokemon† They’ve previously shared their 3D rendering of the iconic Electric-type Pikachu, as well as other characters in their own art collection. Hopefully they keep making pokemon works of art, especially because they make so realistic venom renditions of the pocket creatures.

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