Pokemon Fan Draws Detailed Drawing Of Tyranitar’s Anatomy

An accomplished Pokemon fan artist shares a highly detailed drawing they created of the anatomy of the fearsome Pokemon Tyranitar.

The pokemon franchise has a large fan base with many artists who have created many fan art pieces based on the various characters and creatures in the franchise. pokemon fans have focused on popular Pokemon like Charizard, Mewtwo, and Pikachu and created fan art of new Pokemon like Sprigatito from Pokemon Scarlet and purple

With so many artists in the world, there has been a lot of fan art that comes in many styles, whether the artists redesigned or reimagined Pokemon in the franchise. Of course, not every artist draws Pokemon fan art in the same style or method. Some artists try to incorporate different drawing methods or types of visual styles into their drawings to make them stand out as a whole pokemon fan artist recently did.


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A few days ago, Reddit user TheChristopherStoll posted fanart of the Rock/Dark-type Pokemon Tyranitar, the last evolved form of Larvitar. What they did, however, is make a very detailed drawing of Tyranitar’s anatomy, which divides the Pokemon down the middle, with the left half showing the internal muscles and skeleton and the right half showing the external body parts. The post title states that they are a biologist and they love to draw Pokemon anatomy for fun.

Taking this approach gives Tyranitar’s drawing a more academic feel as if it were an examination of the Pokemon’s physical body, especially the internal parts of the body. It shows Tyranitar’s brain, skull, stomach, muscles and even what may look like the heart. The drawing continues this angle by giving a scientific name for Tyranitar in the top right corner, and it has labels for the various outer and inner body parts throughout the Pokemon’s body.

While the labels for Tyranitar’s body parts on the right are short, the labels for the left have more elaborate descriptions of Tyranitar’s internal body parts. The artist’s extra bit of detail is exactly what many of the commentators love about the drawing as they express their praise for it. Some commentators even go as far as to say that the drawing feels like it’s something out of a Pokemon biology professor’s book, which matches the artist’s approach to the drawing.

Some commentators also offered suggestions for future drawings, including Pokemon like Scizor, the sleeping Pokemon Snorlax, the Ghost-type Pokemon Gengar, and even the shape-shifting Pokemon Ditto. However, it is revealed in the comments section that the artist has created his own fan-created art book called PokéNatomy, which takes an anatomical look at this Pokemon and others for people to read. Fan art like this still shows the incredible artistic talent of fans of the pokemon franchisee.

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