No, Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring is not in MultiVersus

He will not fight your wife. He will not fight your son. He won’t fight your daughter.

Thanks to an all-new trailer, a lot more information about MultiVersus was revealed this week. The Smash-style Warner Bros. game looks as wild as it sounds on paper. The trailer shows Shaggy punching Bugs Bunny in the face and promising Iron Giant his allegiance to Superman. Oh, and is that Gus Fring from Breaking Bad pulling his tie all the way up the back?

Shortly after the new MultiVersus trailer debuted earlier this week, a screenshot featuring everyone who had been announced for his roster so far started doing the rounds online. The screenshot was simply captioned “The Avengers”, but it was no joke compared to the Marvel IP that the OP really wanted people to focus on. It was the animated Fring they added in the back row, and the mission was accomplished.


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That’s right, sorry to burst your Breaking Bad fans, but the proud owner of Los Pollos Hermanos was added to the photo afterwards. However, many people have already been fooled and the edited photo has already been liked more than 50,000 times. As you can see from the answers and the QTs, there’s a healthy mix of those who are over the moon that Gus made the cut, and others who are desperately trying to calm them down while pointing out that they’ve been duped.

While Gus isn’t on the list, the announced characters already make for some interesting clashes. Nor is it because the chicken man is too violent that led to his failure. Arya Stark is front and center in the trailer and she kills people outright. Her presence probably means other Game of Thrones characters will be added in the future as well. Daenerys Targaryen joining the fight to coincide with the launch of House of Dragons would certainly make sense.

That is, of course, if MultiVersus has launched on its many platforms by the time the GoT prequel arrives. An open beta for the fighter is currently scheduled for July, so it’s very possible that a full launch will take place shortly after, in time for the new GoT show.

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