Nick Bosa or Micah Parsons: Who is the better player?

Pro Football Focus unveiled the top 25 players under 25 this week, and San Francisco 49ers pass rusher Nick Bosa led the pack at number 1.

After Bosa, there’s a handful of attacking players, followed by Dallas Cowboys phenom, Micah Parsons, who came in at number 6 – much to the chagrin of Skip Bayless.

“I will take Micah Parsons over Nick Bosa any day, any night, long-term,” Bayless said.

Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Stands Behind 49ers’ Nick Bosa on PFF’s Best Under 25 I UNDISPUTED

Cowboys' Micah Parsons Stands Behind 49ers' Nick Bosa on PFF's Best Under 25 I UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe are divided over whether Nick Bosa should be placed above Micah Parsons on PFF’s under-25 rankings.

Bayless and Shannon Sharpe then dug into a debate, deciding whether Bosa should indeed be above Parsons in PFF’s rankings, and Sharpe pointed to Bosa’s primary mission – firing the QB – as the reason he gives Bosa an edge.

“Nine times out of 10 I go over the guy who’s on the ball over the guy who’s not on the ball,” Sharpe said. “Nick Bosa is just as capable, if not more skilled, than Micah Parsons.”

In 2019, Bosa was named Defensive Rookie of the Year, and since entering the league, he has played in a Super Bowl and two NFC Championship Games, and is a two-time Pro Bowler.

Last season, Bosa finished fourth in the NFL in sacks (15.5), tied for first in tackles for losses (21), third in QB hits (32) and had four multi-sack games. Parsons finished sixth in sacks (13), third in tackles for losses (20) and fourth in QB hits (30), bringing together three multi-sack games.

However, Bosa was in his third year, while Parsons was in his freshman year. In his rookie season, Bosa scored nine sacks, 16 tackles for losses and 25 QB hits – a score lower than Parsons’ rookie numbers.

As a rookie, Bosa received an overall rating of 86.7 by PFF. In his second season, he clocked in with an overall rating of 84.9 and last season he got an overall rating of 88.3.

Parsons was rated 89.8 overall by PFF last season, in addition to being named Defensive Rookie of the Year, First-team All-Pro, a Pro Bowler, and finishing second in the Defensive Player of the Year race .

“Parsons just scratched the surface,” Bayless said. “This is the tip of his iceberg. He’s much closer to Lawrence Taylor than Nick Bosa.”

Still, despite his stellar rookie campaign, Sharpe glanced at Parsons’ first playoff appearance and said Bayless’s man was short, while Bosa starred in the Niners’ toughest games.

“In that playoff game, Parsons had no quarterback pressure or a quarterback hit,” Sharpe said. “In the big games, against the Cowboys, Bosa had one and a half sacks, two sacks against Green Bay and one and a half sacks against the Los Angeles Rams.”

Although the two play in different positions, they will be linked together as their careers progress, seemingly poised to compete for the title of the game’s best defender for years to come.

But in Bayless’s eyes, his man is on the rise — and will reach a level in Dallas that Bosa won’t reach in San Francisco.

“The eye test told me Parsons is rising. It told me he is a superstar in the making. The only hope I have [for Dallas] next year is 11 From Heaven.”

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