MLB All-Star Picks May 2022

The MLB regular season lasts six months, which allows us to divide the season into six convenient chunks. Each of these chunks is equal to each other, even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time; it always feels, at the moment, that the first and last months count more. But throughout the year, we put together an All-Star team for each month of the season.

As we wrap up this exciting second baseball month, here’s an All-Star pick from every league, in every position, for May. Check out some stars from the past month.

All stats go to Sunday’s games.

Pick your Contreras in NL: The top two forwards in the National League in May were by far the Contreras brothers, William in Atlanta and Willson in Chicago.

Oh, and if you’re a Red Sox fan and excited to see one of your players’ names appear on this top hit list in May, prepare to get excited quite regularly as you spend the rest of this piece reads.

Is it possible for the Cardinals to get two consecutive NL Player of the Month winners? Nolan Arenado won the award last month, and no one was better than Goldschmidt in May, who had a blast. He’s off to the best start to his already illustrious career, and he’s well on his way to making his first All-Star Game since 2018, which would be his seventh overall and his first as a Cardinal.

Altuve has found its ideal hit, hitting eight home runs for the month. If Mike Trout and Aaron Judge weren’t going crazy, he would actually be a stealth MVP candidate, although Lord would help him if he beat Judge again. Trevor Story was great too; he leads the Majors in RBI’s this month with 32, after scoring only five in April. We keep forgetting that he is now a second baseman.

NL is a lot harder, and it’s tempting to go with Luis Guillorme, the Mets utility man, who has a .480 OBP for the month. But he only played 18 games, so Marte gets the wink.

Anderson has been at the center of baseball discourse this month, for all the wrong reasons (and no fault of his own), but that discourse has diverted attention from how great he really was from the start of the season. Remember when he was a free swinger who never walked? He is now the ideal lead-off man.

Machado is currently the leader of the NL MVP pursuit, especially with the Padres well positioned in the playoffs, despite getting nil at bats from Fernando Tatis Jr., the man believed to be the Padres’ MVP candidate to be. Meanwhile, in May, Devers was an absolute monster, with a .430 OBP for a team that now plays as one of the best strikers in baseball.

EN: Mookie Betts, Dodgers (1,182 OPs, 11 HRs, 26 RBIs); Mike Yastrzemski, Giants (1,034 OPS, .451 OBP); Ronald Acuna Jr. (.934 OPS, 7 SB)
AL: Aaron Judge, Yankees (1,080 OPS, 11 HR, 23 RBIs); Mike Trout, Angels (1,063 OPS, 8 hours); Kole Calhoun, Rangers (1,092 OPS, 7 hours)

Too bad, poor Taylor Ward, Julio Rodriguez and Manuel Margot, all of whom had breakthrough, breath-taking months and still are unable to crack that field of the American League. As Judge and Trout have played so far, there’s really only one spot left.

In addition, Acuña is working on his form again and not playing every game, and he is still one of the best outfielders in the National League for the past month. Look at all those stolen bases!

The Phillies clearly prefer not to have Harper as their DH — they have several other perfectly qualified candidates! — but as long as his arm injury lingers, they have no choice. And so far it’s fair to say that Harper is by far the best DH in NL history. Meanwhile, Martinez was there in the middle of a fantastic Red Sox bout for a month that helped turn their slow start.

Alcantara has quietly been an up and coming ace for the Marlins, who have been building impressive young pitching for a few years now, but did anyone see this coming from Pérez after he had a 4.74 ERA last season?

Finding dominant relievers isn’t particularly difficult at this point, but these two have been untouchable for most innings anyway. Holmes is hovering above the hill at this point.

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