Minecraft Player creates amazing stop motion shorts in game

For some in the community, Minecraft is more than just an open-world sandbox game, and one fan uses it to create a rather complex animated piece.

Minecraft is without a doubt one of the biggest video game success stories, going from an indie title to one of the biggest IPs in the industry. Its rise over the past decade cannot be overstated, and with Mojang releasing the The Wild update recently, it will almost certainly remain one of the most popular mainstream games out there. Much of this popularity is due to a dedicated community that doesn’t just use what the developer has given them to create interesting builds and even animations.


Many may not think about Minecraft as somewhere that animation can take place, but that’s exactly what Reddit user CatchImpossible6123 has done, or at least what they showed. Using stop-motion, an animated sequence was created in which lightning strikes the ground, followed by a giant rising from the earth. The giant then sweeps to the floor, causing a mighty explosion that ends with the goliath crumbling. The result is an incredible short that clearly puts the user’s building skills to good use.

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As some have said in the comments, it must have taken the player a very long time to put the animation together as they had to build and rebuild every frame before they could take each snapshot. There are countless examples of fans using Minecraft to create stop motion animation, but this one shows a tremendous amount of dedication on the part of the creator. It should be noted that a few commenters said this may not have been made by the user who uploaded the clip, but whoever did make it, it sure is an incredible piece of footage.

It is for this reason, and much more, that Minecraft is still enjoyed by millions to this day. The fact that it is one of the most played games of 2022, despite being released more than a decade ago, shows the impact it has had on the industry and that there are so many fans who continue to create within the world.

It’s a testament to its longevity, but more than that, Minecraft is also one of the coolest video games out there. With its soothing music and possibilities to build near-infinite structures in the ever-expanding landscape, it’s unlikely that Minecraft will not be as popular as it is now, mainly because the developer regularly updates the game and implements new ideas.

Minecraft is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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