Mayans MC: Angel’s Season 4 Struggles Are At A Horrific Turning Point

So far season 4 of Mayans MC has seen a very different Angel Reyes (Clayton Cardenas). While he’s been the wilder of the two Reyes brothers in past seasons and arguably more committed to the MC lifestyle, that’s no longer the case. In Season 4, his little brother EZ has risen to the position of Vice President of his charter, leaving him fully invested in the darker aspects of club life.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Mayans MC, “When I Die, I Want Your Hands On My Eyes.” If you haven’t seen the episode yet, stop reading now.

Angel, on the other hand, begins to take stock of his life outside the club. He proposed to Nails (Justina Adorno) after learning that she was pregnant with his child and for the first time we saw Angel the person, instead of Angel the Maya. And that version of Angel can see how deeply rooted in the club his brother has become – something he never wanted for his younger sibling.

“I think Angel is more surprised and literally afraid of” [EZ’s] Ascension into the club,” Cardenas told GameSpot. “And I think that forced him to hold a mirror up to himself and ask himself, ‘Is this what I wanted with my life? With where my brother is taking this and going, is this what I want? This is not what I wanted for us. This is not what I wanted for my family. It’s not what I wanted for my brother.’ So I think it’s very much a moment of self-realization.”

And while it’s highly doubtful that we’ll see him walk away from the club at this point in his life, that self-realization is about to get a lot more disturbing. After all, not only is Coco (Richard Cabral) dead, but she lost her child to a miscarriage in the final episode of the Nails series.

Angel hasn’t been made aware of this news yet, but there’s no scenario where he’ll take it right – what parent would? That’s compounded by the fact that, according to Cardenas, Angel saw this child as some sort of chance for redemption after being told the child he fathered with Adelta was dead.

“Having a second chance at being a father, I think that’s the most important thing,” the actor explained before the episode aired. “This is something that he is — not that he never had a father, but he never had a father that he didn’t have the father he could look up to. In that sense, he didn’t have the dream father figure. I think that’s what Angel wanted to be for his son. I think he wants to be that pillar of positivity in his life.”

Now, however, he doesn’t get that chance. However, which angel will rear its head in the fallout? The angel we got to know this season who wants to build a life with Nails or the old hardened version that puts the club above all else, who we saw a hint of when he hooked up with Coco’s sister in this episode? It could go either way at this point and both have some serious story potential. However, there’s one thing the show needs to keep in mind and it’s that this story is just as much, if not more, of nails than Angel.

This episode rightly put a lot of emphasis on her experience. It’s something Mayans MC has done time and again, giving the female characters the attention they deserve in this male-dominated world. Moving forward, however, she needs to be watched because as much as Angel will hurt, it will be just as bad or worse for her. And given the way Mayans MC tries to keep things as grounded as possible, this is one piece of the story that deserves to be amplified.

Mayans MC airs Tuesday on FX.

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