Jurgen Klopp’s Man of the Match commentary in post-match press conference labeled ‘Salty’ by fans

In his post-match press conference after Real Madrid beat Liverpool in the Champions League final, Jurgen Klopp claimed that “something goes wrong for the other team” when a goalkeeper wins the Man of the Match award.

Los Blancos took the biggest prize in European football at the Stade de France on Saturday night thanks to a 59th-minute winner from Vinicius Jr, but the difference-maker at the showpiece in Paris was goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

The Belgian shot-stopper made a record-breaking nine saves to help Los Blancos win the trophy for the 14th time. This compilation proves that it was one of the greatest goalkeeper performances of all time.

From crucial first-half saves to negate Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, to keeping that narrow 1-0 lead with another stunning save to stop the Egyptian forward – Courtois almost single-handedly brought the title to Madrid.

The 30-year-old wants fans to put “respect” in his name after Saturday’s Man of the Match performance.

“I saw a lot of tweets saying I was going to be humiliated,” the former Chelsea goalkeeper said in his post-match interview. “It was the other way around. Today I had to win a final – for my career, for all the hard work, to put respect in my name, because I don’t think I have enough respect, especially England.” I saw a lot of criticism that I wasn’t good enough or whatever.”

Minutes later, during his post-match press conference, Jürgen Klopp said the Champions League final defeat was “hard” on his part.

The German also pointed out that when the goalkeeper is the Man of the Match, “something goes wrong” for the opposing team – a statement that got many fans talking on social media.

He began: “They scored a goal, we didn’t, that’s the easiest explanation in football and it’s hard anyway, hard to get, [but we] respect that of course.

“If the goalkeeper is Man of the Match, something goes wrong for the other team, so I think we had three really big chances with Courtois making incredible saves. I would have loved to have had a few more of this caliber.”

Klopp continued: “I think Madrid had one shot on target, is that right? And that was a goal. But look, I understand 100 per cent and I respect 100 per cent the reason for playing football and having this kind of competition is to win the match, and whatever you do – as long as it’s in the rules – it’s allowed and you can do it, it’s totally fine.

“We also had to defend at times, just blocking shots or whatever. We played a good game, but when you lose 1-0 you have to admit it wasn’t good enough then.”

Klopp’s comments have been criticized by many online, with some pointing out that Reds goalkeeper Alisson picked up a ‘Man of the Match’ appearance in this season’s FA Cup clash against Chelsea.

The Brazilian’s performance against Spurs in the Champions League final of 2019 was also mentioned.

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