Iranian official accuses Israel of harvesting Arab children’s organs

In a modern blood libel, an Iranian official appeared on public television giving a lecture to foreign students questioning the Holocaust, claiming that Hitler was Jewish and accusing Israel of sexually abusing Arab children and harvesting their organs for the benefit of rich ‘westerners’. ‘ and ‘Zionist Jews’.

Iran TV broadcast last month saw Iranian conservative speaker Hassan Rahimpour-Azghadi question the Holocaust and the number of Jewish victims for the first time.

†[Israelis] rely on the slaughter of Jews in Europe by Germany and Hitler in World War II,” he says. “Let’s assume this really happened, without asking questions, like whether this really happened, or whether six million Jews were going to be murdered in the crematoria. Where does the six million figure come from?”

“Moreover, even if six million Jews were murdered; 70, 80 or 100 million Christians were also killed,” he added. “After all, Europe is the most ferocious continent in the world, as you know.”

Rahimpour-Azghadi, who has been a member of Iran’s Supreme Council for the Cultural Revolution for nearly two decades, then goes on to raise the long-debunked claim that Adolf Hitler was Jewish — commonly used by anti-Semites to blame Jewish victims while simultaneously blaming to turn away from the Nazis.

“I want to tell you something that you may not believe. I recently read studies and saw that Hitler was of Jewish descent. He himself was born of Jews,’ he says.

Later in his speech, Rahimpour-Azghadi accused Israelis of using Arab children’s “spare parts” to provide “wealthy Westerners” with precious and needed organs for transplantation.

“You know, in recent years, the [Israelis] have taken the Palestinian children – as well as the children of Iraq, Syria and Yemen – and they use them for spare parts for wealthy Europeans, Americans and Zionist Jews,” he said. “You know, they harvest their organs and freeze them, and if a rich westerner’s child has a problem with his kidney, heart, lungs or eye and needs spare parts, they use these Palestinian, Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni Muslim children. ”

“Several child abduction cases have come to light recently,” he added. “Many thousands of children have been lost in recent times” [wars] in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine.”

In addition, Rahimpour-Azghadi said the Israelis have also taken Arab children “to military bases where they sexually abuse them”.

Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, has long spread anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist and anti-American propaganda, with Iranian leaders often denying the Holocaust or threatening the very existence of the Jewish state.

Last year, the Simon Wiesenthal Center organized a report Iran as number one on the annual list of “Global Antisemitism Top Ten”.

In September, the spokesman for the Iranian armed forces, Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi ., said confirmed that the United States is the Iranian republic’s worst enemy, while emphasizing its country’s commitment to eliminating the Jewish state.

Nevertheless, in the current nuclear talks in Vienna, the United States and other world powers may lead to the easing of economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for temporary restrictions on its nuclear program.

According to a former State Department official, President Joe Biden’s impending agreement to restore Iran’s nuclear deal offers the regime access to $90 billion in foreign exchange reserves and sanctions relief for some of the world’s worst terrorists.

Besides getting hundreds of billions of dollars, it will likely be used for terror and aggression. The deal will also not prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

In March, the Russian envoy for nuclear talks with Iran allowed Tehran “got way more than it could expect” in the latest draft of the nuclear deal.

Earlier this week, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) voiced support for the immediate completion of the Iran deal, which she said would prevent conflict in the Middle East.

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