Incredible Minecraft Trick Makes Growing Crops Significantly Faster

Minecraft has been available to play for over a decade now, and as such, its gameplay strategies have been almost completely fine-tuned. While Minecraft Getting game-changing updates every so often, players have discovered how to best perform tasks and actions over the life of the game.

While players have largely been able to optimize the game, that doesn’t mean every player follows a formula for playthroughs. Rather, many players either have their own lineup that they have developed over time, or they try out completely different strategies for each playthrough. For example, a player recently found an innovative way to Minecraft trees that allowed for the rapid collection of wood.


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One part of the game that leaves itself open to reinvention, innovation and creativity is farming. At first glance, it may seem that players only need to hoe some soil, plant some seeds and use some water, but players tend to take farming strategies to the extreme to save time and effort. In addition, some players look for the best way to grow a specific plant, such as: Minecraftsugar cane plant. Recently, however, a player showed the internet their extremely unique and inspired farming trick that allows them to immediately harvest their plants.

Reddit user TabbyLV took to the site to post a video that is confusing at first, but eventually becomes clear after a few views and comments. In the clip, TabbyLV walks around their underground ranch before sealing the exit and breaking the torches into it. Once these steps are completed, the room will be covered in thick darkness. Then TabbyLV takes a single swing at a wheat plant and the whole room of wheat suddenly explodes, leaving the crop behind. Minecraft can help players appreciate nature, but in the case of TabbyLV, they destroyed nature in one fell swoop.

The clip is mind boggling to both those unfamiliar with the game and those who play it more casually, but other Reddit comments helped sum up the mystery of the exploding farm. While many comments talked about how the idea could be improved, others wondered what the heck was going on in the clip; finally, one user noted that plants break instantly in sheer darkness. So when TabbLV made a swing, the plants broke up in a cascading crop as if harvested with a scythe.

The clip is stunning for those unfamiliar with the trick, making for a new farming strategy to try out. Meanwhile, a player has defeated Minecraft without killing a single mob; when plants count, TabbyLV might as well be mob enemy No. 1 with their patented one-punch farm.

Minecraft is now available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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