Hyundai’s Inaugural Healthcare Step: Enabling Prescription Drug Delivery

Hyundai Motor Group is a world-renowned automotive company known for pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. The company has diversified into a variety of different service lines, including robotics, autonomous driving technology, data analytics, and manufacturing capabilities, to name a few.

In 2021 alone, Hyundai reported nearly 3.2+ million units sold worldwide, up from 2.9+ million units in 2020, indicating an increase of nearly 8.1%. Much of this increased demand and sales volumes are due to the company’s dedication to creating the next generation of advanced motor vehicles that not only boast incredible performance metrics, but also pay tribute to the company’s overall mission of sustainability, affordability and accessibility.

Now, in its latest venture, Hyundai is taking an unprecedented step for a traditional car company: delving into the delivery of healthcare. The latest step is a partnership with NowRx, a California-based pharmacy/prescription delivery and health services company, to enable new prescription delivery methods.

NowRx already has a significant presence in California. The service is simple, according to the company’s site: a prescription is sent to the NowRx team; the team then confirms the delivery and collects the payment; the medication is delivered within hours; and automatic delivery for future medication needs can be easily arranged. Indeed, the service is seemingly convenient and hassle-free.

Now the startup, in collaboration with Hyundai, can broaden its horizons. In a press release, Cary Breese, CEO and co-founder of NowRx, commented: “Autonomous vehicles are part of our long-term strategic vision for NowRx to further reduce delivery costs at scale […] We can’t imagine a better company to work with than [Hyundai]which has shown significant leadership in autonomous vehicles and other robotics and automation fields.”

Congruently, Hyundai is venturing into a new, previously untapped market. Minsung Kim, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group and Head of the Open Innovation Strategy Team, explains: “The Group expects this partnership with NowRx to help expand our mobility business model beyond the anticipated industry. […] We believe that a new opportunity with the technologically innovative e-pharmacy NowRx, which uniquely integrates pharmacy management and delivery service, will support our move to become a Smart Mobility Solutions Provider.”

However, the most obvious winners in this deal are the communities that can benefit from this service. Why is this collaboration and concept important? Because for millions of Americans, accessing pharmacies and getting prescription drugs on time is no easy feat. Not only are there significant transportation and access problems, but for millions of geriatric patients in need of life-saving medications, lack of mobility and the inability to actually get to the pharmacy is an unparalleled barrier to improving health outcomes.

This is why so many companies try to disrupt this space. Take Amazon, for example, which recently launched its own prescription delivery service, promising “low drug prices, free delivery, and 24/7 on-call pharmacists.” Walgreens also offers a similar service, with same-day prescription delivery. Countless startups are also crowding into this arena, hoping to optimize this service for rural communities.

Undoubtedly, once this service is perfected, all parties will benefit greatly from creating new business opportunities for established players, expanding partnerships for the involved startups, or delivering an extremely timely and valuable service to patients. in rural communities, the concept is poised to become a positive addition to the healthcare space.

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