How To Grow Sacramental Bud?

The world of Elden Ring is filled with all kinds of dangers. The Lands Between has some really imposing enemies and some of them are capable of dispensing rather punishing status effects. Venom can be a bit of a nuisance for those afflicted with the condition as they will take constant damage over time. Fortunately, Poison is a bit slow, and it’s certainly mild compared to some of the other status effects players will encounter. Blood Loss and Frostbite can cripple a player while dealing massive damage in one fell swoop, knocking out even the toughest Tarnished.


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The worst status effect is undoubtedly Scarlet Rot. Those who let their Scarlet Rot meter fill to the top will be struck by the disease, which acts like poison, but at a much faster rate. Those who don’t get rid of Scarlet Rot quickly will find their health degrades to a great extent, forcing them to reduce their bottle supply in order to survive. It is even possible (and probably in the early game) to go through an entire stock of cobs and still perish, due to the lingering effects of the ailment. Fortunately, players can craft items that cleanse their Scarlet Rot, but they need a rare crafting material called Sacramental Bud to make them. Here players can grow Sacramental Bud Elden Ring

Where To Grow Sacramental Bud In Elden Ring

Unfortunately, Sacramental Bud are extremely rare craft supplies, so players will have to farm quite a bit if they want to stock up. They have an excruciatingly low drop rate, but there is a certain area full of enemies that are able to drop the Sacramental Bud, which makes it a bit easier to farm. To get there, players must go to Writheblood Ruins in Altus Plateau.

Those who have yet to reach the zone must either assemble the Dectus Medallion and ride the Grand Lift, or climb the Ruin-Strrewn Precipice and deal with Magma Wyrm Makar to gain entry. Once on the Altus Plateau, players can move north and then west until they find the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace, near the bridge connecting Mount Gelmir to the Altus Plateau. The Writheblood ruins can be found immediately east of the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace and it’s the easiest way to reach them after each grace reset while farming

Once there, players can work the seven Rotten Strays found in the ruins. These dogs have a 3 percent drop rate for Sacramental Bud† There is also an amorphous Giant skeletal slime with a 20 percent drop rate† Players can simply run to the ruins and rinse and repeat to work the material, although it can take a while with slow drop rates. Players can also increase their Item Discovery to increase their chances of finding the rare crafting material. There’s even a special talisman known as the silver scarab that will boost item discovery when worn.

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What does the sacramental bud do?

The Sacramental Bud is used in two separate crafting recipes. Players looking for a way to enchant enemies can Enchanting Branches† These items are produced by combination of 1 x Miquella’s Lily and 1 x Sacramental Bud† Players must also use the . have achieved Fervor’s Cookbook [3] to learn the recipe. This particular cookbook will be awarded to players by Gideon Ofnir as soon as they speak to it after their first visit to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

The most useful items players can make with the Sacramental Bud are: Save boluses† These consumables can fully heal Scarlet Rot and can also completely reset a player’s Scarlet Rot build-up gauge. To create them, players must first complete the Armorer’s Cookbook [6], which is found on a corpse in the Siofra River. The easiest way to get to the cookbook is to spawn at the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace and then jump to the ledges behind the player using Torret (near the pillars) and follow the cliff that leads to the west. Once players have the cookbook, they can: combine 2 x Dewkissed Herba, 1 x Crystal Cave Moss and 1 x Sacramental Bud to make the preservative boluses.

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