How do you get an unsullied heart and greater blood essence in V Rising?

During the mid-game portion of V Rising, you’ll come across a mission that requires you to upgrade your base with various items. At the heart of these missions is the item called the Greater Blood Essence, which, as the name implies, is a more advanced version of the standard Blood Essence. The default form of Blood Essence powers the castle heart, keeping your castle in operation. The larger version of it allows you to craft items such as the Servant’s Coffin and higher quality weapons and armor. However, to obtain the Greater Blood Essence, you need another material, an Unsullied Heart.

As with most survival crafting titles, there are certain items that are much harder to find than others. The unsullied heart is one of those items. Players have been trying to get their hands on the material at any time in V Rising. If you want to make the Greater Blood essence, but need the Unsullied Heart, in the guide below we try to provide some ways to acquire it.

Getting the Unsullied Heart and Greater Blood Essence

You may have guessed that the Unsullied Heart is a rare item drop in V Rising. At the time of writing, there is no clear way to acquire the heart. Some players have reported that enemies above level 18 have a higher chance of dropping them after death, but nothing official has supported that. If this is indeed true, you may want to breed lower level bosses like the Alpha Wolf or Keely the Frost Archer if you want a chance to get your hands on an Unsullied Heart. Although the Alpha Wolf has a recommended level of 16, players have reported getting the heart like a drop to beat it in Farbane Woods. Other reports indicate that enemies above level 30 have the highest chance of dropping the Unsullied Heart, which seems more likely given the item’s rarity.

As for other ways to acquire the Unsullied Heart, there don’t seem to be many concrete strategies. You may just have to wander Farbane Woods or the other northern regions of V Rising hoping to kill an enemy and receive the item as a drop. If you manage to get lucky and acquire four separate Unsullied Hearts, we recommend using them right away to create the Greater Blood Essence. This can be done at the Blood Press, which can be made in your base after some early game missions.

For all the unlucky players out there, you may have to wait until the midgame of V Rising. Here, once you defeat the boss Tristan the Vampire Hunter, you’ll get the recipe to make Greater Blood Essence without needing an unsullied heart. Instead, all you need is 200 regular Blood Essence and the Blood Press.

If a farming method for the Unsullied Hearts pops up in the V Rising community, we’ll be sure to update this article. In the meantime, read up on our six tips for the early game of V Rising or how to find the elusive whetstone.

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