Halo Infinite Announcer Jeff Steitzer Details Careers at 343 Industries

For many fans of halo: infinite, the voice lines provided by the multiplayer announcer, Jeff Steizer, are as iconic as the blast of a plasma gun or even Master Chief himself. On a recent episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, Jeff Steizer looks back on his partnership with 343 Industries, his time on Halo Infiniteand what the positive feedback from fans over the years means to him.

Jeff Steizer is the announcer of the Halo franchise since 2001 Halo: Combat Evolved when the stage actor auditioned in the belief that he would voice Master Chief before being put in his now iconic role. Over the years, fans have come to love Steizer’s voice work and demanded his return amid rumors that Jeff would not be reprising his role leading up to Halo Infinite‘s release. As an irreplaceable part of Halo and beloved voice actor, Jeff Steitzer can often be found on Cameo, delivering fan-requested lines in the Halo announcer style.


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Steitzer was a recent guest on the Xbox Expansion Podcast, where he and host Luke Lohr had an in-depth discussion about his work with 343 Industries and anything and everything Halo† Looking back on his time working on the Halo games, Steizer states that the recording sessions “were extremely enjoyable for the most part…we had a few bumps when 343 took over.” The voice actor would later tell that the acquisition by 343 Industries of the… Halo franchise saw the company micromanage its voice more than in previous titles and in some ways change the delivery of Steizer’s lines. However, as 343 Industries has evolved over the years, Steizer argues that voice recording sessions for the most recent Halo Infinite have been “great… they just let me do the thing… they are very, very reasonable.”

Throughout the interview, Steizer’s voice works on Halo is not the only topic of discussion. Ultimately, the subject of the Halo TV show is coming, with Steizer saying he’d like to be a cameo on the show at some point, but hasn’t been contacted for a chance yet. In addition, the voice actor shares that he has never gotten an Xbox, despite working with Microsoft for 20 years, receiving only copies of the Halo games after they are completed. Looking to the future, Steizer says he would be open to using his iconic voice lines in Halo games after his death.

It doesn’t take much to find out why Jeff Steizer has become such a fan-favorite personality among Halo fans. Steizer regularly reiterates how gratifying and humbled it is to hear fans declare that he is the voice of their youth and how much he loves doing voice work for the shooter franchise. In the closing minutes of the interview, Stezier thanks all the fans who enjoyed the Halo games over the past 20 years, stating that “they are the stars of this venture”. Fans can contact Jeff Steizer on Cameo or Facebook.

Halo Infinite is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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