Flying over 1 million cans over the Pacific Ocean

Joe Biden announced late Friday that Australia will ship more than 1.25 million cans of baby food by plane to the US to address the nationwide shortage.

Biden tweeted news the Australian supplier would, at his request, fly 22.5 million bottles of formula (there are 22 bottles of formula per can) some 9,700 miles across the Pacific Ocean.

The news came after Jill Biden staged a media photo op on Wednesday showing pallets of baby food as store shelves remain empty.

As Breitbart News reported, the First Lady said “like a mother and a grandmother,” she understood what mothers and families were going through during the shortage.

That payload formula was flown by the Department of Defense from Ramstein Air Base in Germany to Dulles Airport near Washington, DC, in the United States.

Watch below: US starts air transport for baby food from Germany


Now Australia is joining the fray in what Biden called “more good news.”

Some of the baby food is currently in stock for shipment and more will be produced by Sydney-based manufacturer Bubs Australia in the coming weeks and months, ABC News reports.

Bubs Australia has assured Australian consumers that it has supply to meet demand in both Australia and the United States.

The Biden White House has struggled to cope with the crisis as government officials have been slow to respond to the apparent shortages and the world has since begun to search for all mass deliveries of the product.

Watch below: Shelves full of baby food in the US

Breitbart News

Biden himself finally addressed the crisis last week by announcing his decision to invoke the Defense Production Act to try to speed up formula delivery.

He also announced his decision to launch “Operation Fly Formula” to import baby food from other countries to address shortages.

The new shipments expected from Australia in the coming weeks come as a growing number of likely voters are concerned about the crisis, according to a study by left-wing think tank Data for Progress.

The poll, conducted May 20-24 with 1,169 likely voters, showed that 94 percent of voters are concerned about the baby food shortage in the country.

53 percent said they were “very” concerned, 31 percent said they were “somewhat” concerned, while only ten percent were “just a little” concerned. Seven percent said they were not worried at all.

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