Florida man ‘boiled alive’ after being tasered by sheriff’s deputy at gas station

Attorneys representing the motorcyclist caught in an explosive gas station fire after a Florida deputy tasered him while he was pumping gas say their client was “boiled alive.”

NeJame Law offices in Orange County, Florida, describe how Jean Barreto, 26, suffered third-degree burns after the February incident in which officers tackled the man from his bicycle while he was refueling his motorcycle, assuming he was a member of a motorcycle gang that had previously been called in to harass other drivers.

“While being boiled alive, Mr Barreto suffered third-degree burns on approximately 75 percent of his body, front and back of his feet to the bottom of his neck,” the release said. Orlando Sentinel

“He is wrapped in gauze and unwrapped daily and is still bleeding profusely because he doesn’t have the required amount of skin to hold his bodily fluids.”

Mr Barreto had been refueling for just over a minute when officers arrived to confront him. One of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Officers then knocked the 26-year-old to the ground, according to surveillance video from the gas station.

Jean Barreto, 26, suffered third-degree burns on 75 percent of his body after being set on fire by a sheriff who tasered him while pumping gas in Florida

(NeJame law firms)

There were at least three other emergency vehicles at the station surrounding the man and his dirt bike as he was pinned to the ground before a standing officer fired his taser at Mr Barreto.

Seconds later, a fiery explosion can be seen breaking out at the Wawa gas station, surveillance video footage viewed by the Orlando Sentinel show.

The law firm representing the badly burned man said in their release that they have not yet received body-worn CCTV images from the Osceola County Sheriff Office, nor have they been given access to the incident reports.

The attorneys have also asked the US Department of Justice to investigate the practices and protocols employed by the sheriff’s deputies employed by the OCSO, the press release said.

The use of the stun gun was “reckless, foolish, unnecessary and deadly,” the lawyers argued in their statement, adding that the “military tactics” used on Mr Barreto did not match the risk he posed, as he did not was armed at the time of the murder. the incident.

Since the fireball explosion in February, Mr. Barreto has had six grueling surgeries to graft the new skin onto his body.

Mr. Barreto’s stepmother, Frances Aponte, told WFTV in an interview this week that the night her stepson was brutally scorched, he was taken to the hospital. But despite doctors telling her it was unlikely that Mr. Barreto would be alive the next morning, she had to demand that he see him.

When she was finally allowed to see him, she was not given any details about the gas station blast, nor was she told why a deputy was standing outside his hospital room, WFTV reported.

It has been three months since that first hospital visit, and to this day Ms Aponte says her stepson has not yet been charged, nor has he ever been warranted for anything to do with that incident in February with the officers.

“He won’t be the same again,” she told the news channel.

He has often undergone procedures that require health professionals to peel the old skin from his body, and he plans to be placed in a medically induced coma prior to his next treatment at Orlando Health, the release said.

Surveillance video from an Orange County gas station shows the moment an explosive fire broke out after a motorcyclist was tasered by a sheriff’s deputy.


According to the fire service’s report of the explosion, two of the officers at the scene suffered minor injuries, while a third suffered third-degree burns.

“The most likely cause of the fire was an electrical discharge from officers using a department-issued taser device,” the report said.

The Sheriff’s Department had previously issued a statement outlining their policy regarding taser devices, stating that these devices should not be used on persons operating a motor vehicle or unarmed persons who “may be seriously injured by secondary factors as a result of CEW.” activation,” including flammables, WFTV 9 reported.

the independent contacted the OCSO for comment on the incident.

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