Family of French teacher beheaded in refugee lawsuit against government

Relatives of teacher Samuel Paty, who was murdered by a Chechen refugee in 2020, have filed a complaint against the French government for not doing enough to prevent his death.

Virginie Le Roy, the lawyer representing Mr Paty’s parents and two sisters, filed a complaint this week in Paris, claiming that the government could have done more to prevent the teacher from being killed on a suburban street in October 2020. of Paris would be beheaded.

The 80-page complaint claims it aims to bring to the attention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office facts and omissions that appear to be characteristic of the offense of non-assistance to a person at risk to various agents of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of National Education who had to know directly or indirectly the situation of Samuel Paty”, the newspaper Le Figaro reports.

“I always thought that Samuel Paty could have been saved and that this attack should not have happened,” lawyer Le Roy told the newspaper.

“It seems clear to me that there have been serious dysfunctions, at all levels, that are criminally qualifiable. These security breach questions are legitimate. We have nothing to answer for the next of kin.”

“The Interior Ministry services were aware that his name was circulating on the Internet, that the name of the college was circulating on social networks and that threats were coming to the college. Why was he not placed under protection directly?” asked Le Roy.

Paty was the victim of a social media campaign by Islamists, including Brahim Chnina, the father of a schoolgirl who claimed to have taken a course with Paty showing classroom cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed as part of a free speech lesson. .

While it was later revealed that the girl was lying about being in class at the time, the social media campaign against Paty inspired 18-year-old Chechen refugee Abdullakh Anzorov to visit Paty, pay students for information about the teacher, and then behead him in the street.

It was also later revealed that Anzorov had been in direct contact with Chnina via WhatsApp Messenger prior to the attack.

Anzorov had also been in contact with at least one jihadist in Syria before the attack, speaking to the Islamist on Instagram.

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