Fall Guys finally has a release date on Xbox and Switch, and it’s going to be free to play

Fall Guys, the family-friendly battle royale released to huge success in 2020, will be played for free on June 21. While that’s big news for the game in its own right, the folks at Mediatonic have also announced that the title is coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store alongside the free version.

If you’re a PlayStation player feeling a little left out, don’t worry! In addition to the rest, a PS5 version will also be released. If you have friends scattered across different platforms, you can take the gauntlet alongside them as crossplay and cross-progression are included in all of the above.

The Fall Guys free for all trailers and announces the big news!

Those who purchase Fall Guys before June 21, or who have been a loyal fan of the game since its release, will receive a free legacy pack containing the following cosmetics:

  • A nickname,
  • a nameplate
  • The royal costume
  • The Veggie Dog Costume
  • The spicy dwarf costume
  • A Season Pass for Season 1!

For OG players, that Veggie Dog skin is a nice reference to the best vanilla costume.

Season one launches on the free-to-play launch in June, bringing new costumes and challenges to the game. In addition, a premium version of the battle pass can be purchased that allows players to earn additional cosmetics. There are 100 levels in this pass, and those who max out can earn the next season pass, which is sure to entice hardened Fall Guys players.

The game also has a pre-registration for those who want to pick up the game on these new platforms. The Mediatonic team has set pre-reg goals for the community to meet for additional rewards. This includes a different name tag, extra kudos (in-game currency), a hamburger pattern for your bean, a powerhouse emote, and the melon head costume.

Some of the cosmetics available in Fall Guys.

Some of the cosmetics Fall Guys players can expect from the upcoming season.

All in all, it’s great news for Fall Guys players, who should now have a larger community to play with, as well as a care package with new rewards as a thank you for their support since the game first came out in August 2020. is still brilliant, by the way, with an incredible amount of new content since the game’s popularity. If you haven’t played it yet, or haven’t thought about starting it up in a while, mark June 21 on your calendar.

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