Elden Ring Player sees details that make wolves a lot cuter

Although the bosses could be seen in it Elden Ring understandably stealing the spotlight, the regular enemies roaming the Lands Between can also be very formidable. The wolves seen in Elden Ring are a good example of a threat not to be underestimated, although a recent clip makes them seem cute rather than intimidating.

Elden RingWolves work exactly as you’d expect, with the enemies having some basic lunge attacks. Other than the massive Red Wolf of Radagon, there’s little reason to fear these enemies in a one-on-one battle. Even a Tarnished with limited skill can take out some wolves with ease, as a single blow from fangs is unlikely to kill. However, wolves are really dangerous when they group and attack at the same time, especially if one of the stronger white versions is present in the pack.


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A Elden Ring player named Shadow_Clarke saw one of these white wolves, although he was lying quietly instead of prowling around and looking for a meal. In fact, the clip they shared could be incredibly heartwarming to dog owners as the wolf looks extremely cute and cuddly. While lying comfortably on the ground, the wolf turns its paws in circles and playfully wiggles its wrists. Almost immediately, this post got thousands of upvotes from the Elden Ring community.

Although it is unclear whether this is a Elden Ring bug or good animation added to the game by FromSoftware, many Redditors have been quick to show their love for the wolf’s “tippy ticks”. Even if it was an accidental addition, this kind of detailed behavior makes the wolf more realistic, and watching this clip will probably make it harder for some players to attack the wolves they see in the future. Perhaps the most amusing comment came from Reddit user Lexunia, as they found the outfit Shadow_Clarke was wearing was very appropriate for the situation.

Shadow_Clarke’s Tarnished is seen wearing a red cloak, making them resemble the fairytale character Little Red Riding Hood. While the playful wolf in the clip can hardly be described as “big” and “bad” based on what’s seen in the footage, it sure is a lot intimidating when he’s aggressive towards the player. Anyway, clips like this are a lot of fun, because they allow gamers to appreciate Elden Ringthe world and its inhabitants even more so.

For those who have a hard time hurting the game’s wolves thanks to this cute clip, it might be worth grabbing some Bewitching Branches. That way this Elden Ring enemies can fight alongside the player instead of against them, with gamers allowing the wolves to live on so they can keep spinning their paws in peace.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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