Elden Ring Invader and Hunter Join Forces to Find AFK Rune Farmer

Since its launch, Elden Ring has seen tremendous success in sales, player count, and ratings from both critics and players. Most likely because of reinventing the classic souls game, Elden Ring‘s success can be attributed to its jack of all trades nature. Between a huge open world that invites all kinds of exploration, incredibly challenging battles and the option to play alone or with friends, the game has something to offer everyone.


That’s why the game invited players from all kinds of communities, as evidenced by the Elden Ring metal gear reference message. This melting pot of players redoubled the efforts of the already tight-knit FromSoftware community, further cementing its members’ collaboration and camaraderie.

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An example of this is of course best found in multiplayer. In the game, multiplayer is activated by summoning, and summoning is always done with a purpose in mind. For example, Elden RingThe Bloody Finger item allows players to invade other worlds with the intent to kill. To this end, a player invaded another world to find the world’s host and a blue fighter standing alone. This is because the host hid in an almost impossible-to-reach area, trying to sit back and cultivate souls against invaders.

Normally this strategy wouldn’t work, but there is a certain area in Limgrave where the host can “hide” from intruders, and a certain combination of multiplayer items allows the host to sit back while players invade and get killed by blue fighters . This leads to the host collecting Runes, Rune Arcs, and Furlcalling Finger Remedies for free without even having to pick up their controller. This was the predicament Reddit user PeppersWasTaken ended up in, but it was also the beginning of an unlikely alliance that looks like a useful Elden Ring invader showing a player through a dungeon.

After PeppersWasTaken made a truce with the blue fighter, perhaps because of the hunter’s frustration with the rune farming strategy, PeppersWasTaken came up with a truly brilliant plan to flush the host from hiding. PeppersWasTaken discovers that the host was hiding under the map on the side of a cliff and jumps off the edge. Normally this would be an instant death, but using one of the incantations obtained from Elden Ring‘s Church of Dragon Communion or the corresponding cathedral, PeppersWasTaken instead stopped in mid-air to perform a devastating breath attack on the host, killing them instantly.

Not only was the move absolutely incredible and unexpected, it was certainly well done for a player trying to exploit his way into free runes at the expense of other players. Props should also go to the blue fighter, who stood aside and allowed an intruder to punish an annoying strategy.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X/S.

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