Elden Ring Fan Paints Incredible Picture of Maliketh

The Elden Ring community continues to share great artwork based on the game’s characters, with one fan posting a beautiful Maliketh painting.

Like many other video game communities, passionate members of the Elden Ring fanbase can often be seen sharing artwork online. A particularly talented artist has several members of the Elden Ring cast, with the latest character aiming to be Maliketh, the Black Blade.

Maliketh has proven to be incredibly popular with the Elden Ring community, and it’s easy to see why. One of the last main bosses players will have to fight in the latest release of FromSoftware, Maliketh has a unique black and gold armor and his eponymous Black Blade. This weapon is what makes the second phase of the fight so memorable, as in addition to Malikth’s agility, his weapon lowers players’ health pools while at the same time having the ability to drain their health after a hit lands.


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While players paid tribute to the character by becoming Big Maliketh, Reddit user tyranosaure has shown some love for Marika’s Shadow through a truly breathtaking piece of art. The painting looks like a tapestry and is full of incredible details, such as Ranni and Marika placed to the left and right of the main image. Comments pointed to the Black Blade Kindreds that topped the carpet, which is an incredible detail that pays tribute to the faction’s role as servants of Maliketh.

Obviously, Malikth herself is the main star of the show, with the character seen roaring in the center of the artwork. All the gold accents are clearly visible on his armor, as is the white hair on top of his head. Just like in-game, Maliketh’s Black Blade glows red for its lifelike effect, with the powerful weapon being as eye-catching as the beast it wields. Unsurprisingly, the piece is doing well on Reddit, with over 4,000 upvotes and many positive comments from colleagues Elden Ring fans.

For those who like the artist’s style, there are several other pieces like this featured on their profile. Radahn has been given a similar tapestry, as has Ranni. With a lot of love for the pieces shared by the artist, fans can only hope that similar artworks will be shared over time. One giant tapestry combining all the pieces could be unbelievable as there is a consistent style in every painting tyranosaure shares. Each piece does a great job portraying and capturing the characters Elden Ringalso aesthetically pleasing.

Although it remains to be seen if some are good Elden Ring DLC will actually be released, with some new bosses to dedicate fan art to, gamers are clearly having fun with the current roster of enemies. For those who love Maliketh and remember his fight with love, it will be hard to top this painting.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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