Dozens of Steam Indie Games Up to 80% Off in Humble Games’ Birthday Sale

Publisher Humble Games presents its catalog of indie hits with a huge sale of up to 80% off many of its most successful titles.

Humble Games is hosting a generous sale on Steam featuring many of his greatest hits. PC gamers who love a good indie game definitely won’t want to miss out on these deals while still getting a discount on Steam.

Humble Games is a relatively new publisher celebrating its second anniversary in May and is a subsidiary of Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle initially became popular due to the “Humble Bundles” of the same name, which sold bundles of games with part of the price donated to charity, while the rest was split between the game developers. In recent years, Humble Bundle has grown into a full-fledged storefront that rivals Steam and Epic Games, eventually entering the world of video games released as Humble Games. Publishing many popular indie titles developed by smaller teams or even individuals, Humble Games has a solid reputation for unique, high-quality releases.


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For its second anniversary, Humble Games is bringing many of its best titles for sale for just 80% off. This includes some notable titles such as the pixel art mining and adventure creation game forager at 60% off, and the comic book style roguelike first-person shooter Void Bastards, also with a 60% discount. One of the highest discounts is Monaco: what’s yours is mine, a 2D co-op heist game, a real theft 80% off and the lowest priced game on sale at $2.99 ​​USD. Also important is Project Wingmanan action-packed spiritual successor to the popular ace fights flight action games. Roguelike fans are treated to popular roguelikes such as Wizard of Legend, In the wellcrying sunsOne step from Eden, and many others are heavily discounted as well.

Humble Games is also making good use of the sales by using it to promote some of the most anticipated upcoming releases. While not available for purchase, a handful of unreleased games have made it to the sales page that can be added to Steam wishlists. For fans of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valleythe upcoming game Coral Island can be interesting. As a farming and life simulator, players can build their houses, tend crops and animals, and build relationships with the townspeople in Coral Island† Metroidvania fans also have a lot to look forward to as several games including moonscarsghost songand bushing are upcoming Humble Games titles that can be added to the wishlist.

For gamers seeking new experiences, the indie games in this Steam sale each bring something unique to the table that makes them stand out among the more popular and higher-end AAA franchises. Many of these games are already priced low, so this is a great opportunity to support the indie game developers who continue to bring new ideas to the industry.

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