Developer thinks Doctor Strange copied his game in the multiverse of madness

Disney and miracle released dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness earlier this month, and since then, superhero fans have been dissecting all the critical scenes to understand their importance. Several Marvel fans who also happen to be gamers have noticed a detail in one of the film’s pivotal fight scenes which has similarities with developer Stephen Ddung Sword of symphony

There are various superhero battles in dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness, with some featuring the titular hero, Sorcerer Supreme Wong, Scarlet Witch, and some new faces in the Marvel cinematic universe. One of the keys Multiverse of madness battles involved Dr. Strange fight an alternate version of himself using musical notes as weapons, resulting in an epic back and forth exchange between the two. During this battle, some eagle-eyed gamers noticed that the battle was very similar to the JRPG still in development, with a strong emphasis on Stephen Ddung’s music.


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Sword of symphony hasn’t been released yet, but Stephen Ddung has updated his audience with a teaser video and other content via TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, and the short teaser clip shows his game’s protagonist using a quill pen to wield powerful magical tones, similar to those of dr. Strange’s abilities in the alternate universe. Just like in the Marvel movie, players will use music in Sword of symphony‘s battle, where musical notes are used to defeat enemies in a mutually nonviolent manner. Because Sword of symphony Currently two years in development and Ddung has reached about 50,000 followers on Twitter and millions of views on TikTok, there may be some truth in the suspicion.

Gamers anticipating the release of Sword of symphony brought the idea that dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness copied this scene from the game, and Stephen Ddung admitted he “wouldn’t be surprised” if they took inspiration from some key reshoots. Ddung also suggests that the scene in question “wasn’t in the film’s original script and that it was a last-minute move made at least three months after Sword of symphony went viral and received praise for the concept.” The solo dev has discussed how music is used in combat in similar ways to: Sword of symphonyhas been in the past and acknowledged that the bottom line is that the way it was done was too creepy.

Given that both Multiverse of madness and Sword of symphony seemingly drawing inspiration from Disney’s classic Fantasy, both creators could have manifested their ideas in a similar way. Ddung also noted: Kingdom HeartsKidney: vending machinesFinal Fantasyand Genshin impact as inspiration for Sword of symphony and its predecessor Target: Versa† While some fans have pointed out the similarities between Sword of symphony and dr. Strange in the multiverse of madnessanother claimed that the timing makes it unlikely that Marvel the ideas of Stephen Ddung copied.

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Source: Kotaku

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