Destiny 2 Streamer Vendetta Beats Caretaker Raid Boss Solo

Lot 2‘s raids are basically the pinnacle of the game, and players come together to complete them and some of their specific encounters in different, significantly more challenging ways, just for bragging rights. Since raids are always balanced around six-player fireteams and include puzzles that can take up to six people at a time, it’s a particularly remarkable feat to pull off an encounter or boss fight solo.

Enter Vendetta, a popular Twitch Lot 2 streamer who just managed to single-handedly defeat the boss of the disciple caretaker’s vow. This includes completing all the many mechanics associated with this encounter, as well as killing the massive Darkness-wielding boss himself.


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Anyone who has tried to play the game witch queen DLC raid knows symbols and callouts from Destiny 2s The vows of the disciple are crucial to successful completions. This is because, particularly with the Caretaker, a team of players must run through a maze to find the symbols they need to interact with to open the boss to take damage. At the same time, another team of players must keep the Caretaker busy by preventing him from running up the stairs too quickly, as this will lead to an early wipe. However, Vendetta did all these things alone.

The whole undertaking took Vendetta just under three hours, and it’s not something anyone could do. Players just learning how to complete the Caretaker encounter in Lot 2 will have no hope of matching Vendetta’s skills and buildcrafting capabilities. But the hardest part of all was balancing several disparate puzzle mechanics at the same time.

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that the Caretaker is just one mid-raid boss that appears in Vow of the Disciple and isn’t even the hardest part of the raid. The vast majority of players should attempt to complete this heist with a full fire squad of players, and looking at Lot 2 Disciple vow tips and tricks posted by experienced Guardians would be a great idea too. Quite simply, this heist breaks a few forms as far as: Lot 2 raids, especially with the final boss Rhulk.

While moderately challenging, the Disciple’s Vow isn’t outright unfair, and practice will help just about anyone reach Vendetta’s skill level in due course. For example, a fire team with a different handicap was completed at the end of March witch queen raids Lot 2 using visual cues instead of audio communication. Bungie makes a point of designing raids that are generally mechanically milder than it first appears, although this isn’t really the case for boss solo attempts.

Lot 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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