‘Destiny 2’ Solar 3.0 Guide: Trickshot Tripmine Hunter Build


  • Hunters can get unlimited tripmines with the Young Ahamkara’s Spine
  • Mines and knives can quickly charge Gunpowder Gamble’s dynamite bundle
  • Use Gambler’s Dodge to refresh Knife Trick when Radiant is down

The update of the Solar subclass has resulted in many skill spamming builds appearing in “Destiny 2”, including a Hunter specific build with knives, tripmines, and bundles of dynamite.

One of the most popular Gunslinger builds for “Destiny 2” right now involves a strong interaction between the Hunter’s exotics and the new aspects and fragments, resulting in an almost unlimited amount of high-damage explosives. Here’s the gist of the build.

Aspects, fragments and modifications

The two main aspects for this build are Knock ‘Em Down for refreshing the throwing blade when Radiant, and Gunpowder Gamble for the big bundle of explosives after every few Solar kills. Then use the following fragments:

  • Ember of blisters
  • Ember of torches
  • Ember of Ashes

The fragments allow Solar Ignitions to occur more frequently, while the Hunter gains a constant source of the Radiant buff through throwing knives and Knock ‘Em Down. Killing knives will charge Gunpowder Gamble very quickly, causing even more destruction.

Gunslinger 3.0 subclass screen in Destiny 2 Photo: Destiny 2

For mods use the following:

  • Axis to assets
  • Impact induction
  • Grenade Kickstart
  • Explosive Wellmaker
  • Melee Wellmaker

This mod combo will provide a constant loop of knife throwing and hurling explosives, and it will be nicely incorporated into the exotic armor of your choice for this build.

For the rest of the kit, use Knife Trick, Blade Barrage, and any weapon of your choice.

Required exotics

The star of this build is Young Ahamkara’s Spine’s exotic gauntlets, which allow tripmines to deal more damage over a wider area while also repaying grenade energy for each enemy hit.

With the mod and subclass setup mentioned above, the exotic tripmines allow players to throw back-to-back tripmines between Gunpowder Gamble charges, resulting in massive damage to groups and individual targets.

Players can run with any weapon they want as this is usually a skill oriented build. However, Skyburner’s Oath is recommended for its ability to inflict Scorch with his hip shots. This allows players to repeat their skills in case their combos go wrong.

The build is effective in all activities, but really shines in boss fights with lots of background enemies.

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