Dead by Daylight gets attack on Titan Cosmetics

In addition to a new chapter and a dating sim announcement, Dead by Daylight is bringing some cosmetics around the Attack on Titan anime.

Dead in daylight is a game that is known to release consistent content updates for its fans. Since the game was first launched in 2016, it has grown tremendously in popularity, increasing the chances of Dead in daylight to have crossover chapters based on horror IPs. By Weird stuff until scream, new survivors and killers have been brought into play from other media and franchises. Later this year, Dead in daylight gets a new one Resident Evil chapter, further expanding the range of horror crossovers in the game.


Not all crossovers come from a new chapter in Dead in daylight, and sometimes the game brings a different IP address on board via cosmetics. This is the case for Dead in daylight cross with popular anime Attack on Titan† This crossover will not feature any new assassins or survivors, but Zarina, Dwight, and the Oni will get new skins to make them look like they’ve traveled straight from Paradis Island.

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These skins are labeled more of a cosplay than a reskin of the characters, as Zarina, Dwight, and the Oni may be wearing Attack on Titan costumes, but they can’t grow more than 50 feet tall, for example. Dwight’s costume is most like Eren’s clothes from back in the day Attack on Titan seasons, while Zarina is in Commander Hange’s clothes. The Oni may have the most compelling cosplay of them all, as it appears to be a shrunken version of the armored titan.

Attack on Titan is not exactly a horror series, but especially in the first seasons it has some terrifying elements brought about by the destructive power and unstoppable nature of the titans. In the final season, part 2 of Attack on Titan, the horror element is somewhat reduced as the mysteries of the titans have been largely explored. However, many Dead in daylight fans have accepted this crossover, with some even hoping that a future chapter could focus on the anime. Admittedly, it can be challenging to get a giant assassin to work like a titan in the environment of Dead in daylight.

This news follows the recent and strange announcement that Dead in daylight gets its own dating simulator called Dead in daylight: addicted to you, in which the player can flirt with and date four of the game’s killers. The Hunter, the Ghost, the Trapper and the Wraith are all potential love interests and are getting a new look for the dating simulator.

Dead in daylight is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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