Couple from Bucha said they were being hunted by Russian soldiers

  • A couple from Bucha said Russian soldiers were looking for them because they have relatives in the Ukrainian army.
  • Nearly 300 people were buried in mass graves in the Ukrainian city outside the capital Kiev.
  • “They didn’t knock on the door, they immediately opened fire,” the woman said in a statement video interviewby an off-camera translator.

A couple in Bucha said they had been targeted by Russian soldiers because they have relatives serving in the Ukrainian army, the German tabloid BILD reported.

Nearly 300 people were buried in mass graves in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, about 52 kilometers (32 miles) from the capital Kiev. UN Secretary-General António Guterres said he was “deeply shocked” by images of civilian killings in Bucha and joined the European Union in calling for an investigation into possible war crimes committed by Russian troops.

Despite the shocking images and testimony of the Bucha massacre, Russia has denied doing anything, alleging the killings were a Ukrainian hoax designed to frame its military.

Journalist Paul Ronzheimer, a reporter for BILD covering the crisis in Ukraine, interviewed Mykhola and Viktoria, who claim their home address was on a “list” used by Russian soldiers because of relatives in the military.

“I took off my address tag because some friends told me they have some lists,” Mykhola said, per a tweet by Ronzheimer. “I don’t know where they got these lists from. They’ve come for me six times. My cousin is in the UA army and my wife’s sister is on duty. They’ve come to arrest me six times.”

Ronzheimer tweeted that Russian soldiers spoke to their neighbors and asked about the couple.

“We hid in the barn the whole time we lived,” said Mykhola, according to the journalist tweeted translation† “We didn’t show our nose outside for three weeks.”

The couple said they were hiding in the attic when Russian soldiers entered their home.

“They didn’t knock on the door, they immediately opened fire,” Viktoria said in a video interviewby an off-camera translator.

According to the translator, Viktoria said: “That was the most terrifying moment…when they hid here. They hoped the Russians wouldn’t find them. And they sat here and heard them crash and destroy everything in the house.” And then they heard the explosion of the grenade, and then one of the soldiers said to the other, ‘Nikolai, it’s clear here, let’s go.'”

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